What is Grid Computing and How Does it Work?

What is Grid Computing and How Does it Work?

If you are finding the answer to this question- ‘What is Grid Computing and How Does it Work?’ then you must roll your eyes over today’s blog which is going to be very interesting and informative as well. So, what is Grid Computing? In simple words, grid computing is a computers’ network that works together. They are known for accomplishing tasks that a single device cannot accomplish alone. They all unite to work together by following the common protocol. These are like virtual supercomputers that seek a huge amount of computing power for their tasks.                 

What is Grid Computing? 

So, let’s understand this concept in bullet points –

  • It is a distributed computing model with a common network and several computers and they share resources. This resource can be one or more than one. If grid computing is ideal, then there is a possibility of sharing all resources and the computer network is a dominant supercomputer now. In the form of resources, there is the power of processing, memory, and storage of data here.
  • Grid computing has a different concept than cloud computing and it supplies the resources of computing by vendors to customers. Cloud computing focuses on a single Vendor on the contrary grid computing focuses on resources’ integration within various organizations.
  • Grid computing is designed basically to understand and accomplish tasks that are big and not easy to handle by a single device normally.  So, grid computing does maintain flexibility as well and this flexibility is best for processing huge amounts of problems that are shorter.
  • Computing grids offer a multiuser infrastructure and are known for accommodating higher information processing. In grid computing, the grid is complete with multiple devices or machines and all of them have autonomic execution as well as resource allocation policy.

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Grid Computing’s Drawbacks

  • The grid’s software is still in the development phase.
  • The need of the hour is for extremely rapid connections between computer resources.
  • Some apps may find it costly if they require licencing across numerous servers.
  • Many organisations are hesitant to share resources.

A Nice Example of Grid Computing 

So to understand this topic which is ‘What is Grid Computing and How Does it Work?’ completely, one must pay attention to the below example.

So, for better understanding, we would like to show an example that would be really helpful for all. So, Basically, it’s like dividing the work when it’s needed or you can say for making the task done fluently and efficiently and for that more resources are required right?.

So basically all you have to do is to imagine this thing.

Let, you are supposed to accomplish 4 tasks and you can accomplish them separately as well. So it would be a nice idea if you separate them first and after separating them you will accomplish the tasks. Now when you are done with it you will combine them and this all process will help you to accomplish the tasks more efficiently right? (This is an example of distributed computing).

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  • Best for solving larger problems
  • Easily collaborates with a different organization
  • Takes less time to solve them and can analyze large sets of data as well.
  • Different machines with different OS and they use single grid computing.
  • You will see various physical locations.
  • Doesn’t have to pay more

How Does Grid Computing Work?

A Grid computing is a combination of three machines basically that is control node, provider, and user. Control Node is basically a computer you can say servers’ collection that is known for administering the entire network. Then comes ‘Provider’, which is also a computer. In the network resource pool, the provider allows or contributes its resources. Later comes the third one which is ‘User’. It is also a computer. ‘User’ is known for using the resources. So, these were the three machines that are basically used in grid computing. So let’s go further-

When specialized software runs on each system or computer then Grid computing works. So, basically in its working process software is the manager of the whole system completely. Apart from that this software does coordinate different works across the grid as well. The software does its duty perfectly by dividing subtasks to all presented computers there and this all makes them accomplish the tasks continuously as well as simultaneously. So, when the subtasks are done or completed, all collected results go-ahead for accomplishing bigger or high-weight tasks.

The computer asks for resources to the control node and after that, the control node provides the user access, available on the network to them. When there is no request it offers resources. Thus you see a computer that is available on the node, is available in both forms; a user and a provider, this is up to its requirements.

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Grid computing follows the protocols of OGSA and OGSA stands for Open Grid Services Architecture. The major tasks it performs or you can say accomplish efficiently are: It optimizes data resources as well as computing perfectly. It doesn’t only share resources across networks but also supplies them for high-weighted tasks.

Major sectors adopting grid computing:

  • aerospace
  • automotive
  • insurance
  • financial investing
  • finance
  • gaming
  • government
  • media
  • Internet Marketing
  • semiconductor
  • telecommunication


So, you must have understood the concept of Grid computing right?  Grid computing is a networked computers group or collection where sharable resources are present and one can trust it for prodigious tasks. So, what we see is that these grouped computers work smartly as a virtual supercomputer together and accomplish even larger tasks simultaneously. So, here, our article which is at ‘What is Grid Computing and How Does it Work?’ ends. Thanks for giving your precious time here!

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