About Us

Welcome to Web Tech Mantra, your go-to destination for insights into the ever-evolving world of technology. Founded by Kumar, a seasoned professional with 13 years of experience in this Technologies. These platforms are a testament to his passion for technology and its complexities.

About Kumar

Hello, I’m Kumar. My journey in the Technology Platform spans over 13 years, and my profound interest in technology intricacies led to the inception of this blog.

About Our Blog

The notion of launching a technology-centric blog had been brewing in my mind for years. The challenge lay in narrowing down the niche. The decision solidified during a conversation with a friend about the latest technological advancements and their potential impact on future generations. This prompted the launch of a technical blog with the aim of sharing insights on technology updates.

On March 7, 2019, Web Tech Mantra was born. Purpose of the blog is to provide a platform to share knowledge on the most relevant and useful technological developments.

Why Choose Web Tech Mantra?

Web Tech Mantra was established to cater to the needs of tech enthusiasts and to deliver comprehensive technological updates through easily understandable posts. Our articles are crafted with a step-by-step approach for effortless comprehension.

On this platform, I’ve delved into various topics, including the latest technology trends, networking, blogging, digital marketing, and Google updates. Having always sought straightforward and accessible technology updates. I took it upon myself to create a platform that offers precisely that. Through quick and informative posts, I aim to provide a swift resource for others seeking technology-related information.

I invite you to explore and enjoy the Web Tech Mantra platform, where simplicity meets your needs in depth.