Top Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

Top Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

“Cloud Computing is the third wave of the digital revolution.” — Lowell McAdam

Transforming the very shape and system of business with the tag of consumer interaction attached to it, cloud computing is now applied in almost all walks of human life across the world.

This is evident from the fact that over 90% of business and corporate activities now are conducted through cloud computing. The number of business areas of application of cloud computing is also growing very fast.

The wide application of cloud computing is the direct result of its large number of advantages and comparatively fewer disadvantages. That is why it is a necessity today for the business world.

Advantages of Cloud Computing


Storing and accessing data over the internet is cheap. A business organization can save money as cloud computing does not need any physical hardware investments. Maintenance of hardware involves cost of paying salary to the hardware professional. This is a recurring expenditure. In the case of cloud computing, the servicing and managing of equipment is done by the cloud service provider.

Secure System

It is more secure than in-house computing. The customer data or information are kept confidential with cloud computing. The danger of breach of customer data or data theft is practically zero under this system.

Cloud Computing is Reliable

Cloud computing enables a company to immediately or instantly updated if any changes are required. Under it, the data is stored across multiple servers and locations thus giving the advantage of easy access. Hence, failure of hardware may not affect the functions of a business house.

Less wastage of resources

You no longer have to pay for underutilized data center capacity thanks to dynamic provisioning. You may always reduce your infrastructure almost immediately and keep costs in check.

Always prepared for increased traffic

You will be able to automatically scale up your cloud computing solution to handle tens of millions of requests as your organization expands. This does not include the extra expenses for establishing and maintaining additional internal servers.

Automatic Software Integration

The software integration takes place automatically. As a result, one has no need to take additional efforts to customize and integrate the applications as per the preferences of its user.

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Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

Problem Relating to Downtime

This is a problem. Often, Internet access goes down thus disenabling the cloud. This problem, however, can be addressed through strong mobile data plans and using the cellular service when the internet goes out.

The vendor Might be out of Business

Problems may arise if a Cloud Computing vendor is out of business, it happens at times. Since cloud computing is comparatively a young industry, vendors sometimes close their business due to a cash crunch or lack of a large number of customers.


Cloud may sometimes; encounter technical gnaws like reboots, network error, and unpredictable downtime. While some technical problems are out of human control, yet with a cloud computing expert at the helm, you can definitely minimize such technical problems.

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Data privacy due to shared environments:

Under cloud computing, the cloud service provider has full control over it. They own, manage and facilitate cloud computing services to their clients. Therefore, any business firm that opts for cloud computing may not have any role in it. Meanwhile, since all data gets stored in shared environments the chance of data breaches can’t be ignored.

Nothing redundant

A cloud server does not have backups or redundancy. Make sure to invest in a redundancy plan even though it is an additional cost because it will typically be well worth it. Technology does occasionally appear to fail.

Troubles with bandwidth

Avoid cramming several servers and storage devices into a small number of data centres for optimal performance. However, the additional fees could be very expensive.

Lacks Assistance

Customers of cloud computing companies are not given adequate support and are instead expected to rely on internet resources like FAQs.

Different Performances

Applications run in a cloud environment on a server that also makes resources available to other companies. This implies any assault or negative behavior. The performance of the shared resources may be impacted by the tenant.


Cloud computing is an ultra-modern system that is being used by the maximum number of business platforms and companies. It is user-friendly and meets all vital requirements of companies concerning data storage and data safety. Data theft usually cannot take place in a regime powered by cloud computing.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is it a fact that a maximum number of business houses now are using cloud computing?

Answer: Yes, this is a fact. About 90% of business platforms now use cloud computing across the world. Their number is growing. Such business platforms find cloud computing the most convenient and cheap way of availing better customer-connection services.

2. Is cloud computing a cost-efficient system?

Answer: Yes, it is. The reason for this is the fact that storing and accessing customer data over the internet is cheap and a commercial company does not need to spend a lot of money on physical hardware and the cost incurred on maintaining them through the hardware professional paying them salaries.

3. Why should people switch to cloud computing?

Answer: There are many advantages of switching over to the cloud computing system. Usually, a business platform can gain the advantages of cloud computing as it is a secure system, it is reliable, and have the benefit of automatic software integration.

4. Is it too difficult to manage cloud computing?

Answer: Cloud computing is not without any problem. It has certain disadvantages also. These disadvantages are: Problem Relating to Downtime and Problem May Arise if Cloud Computing Vendor is out of Business.

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