Everything You Should Know About Community Cloud In 2021

Everything You Should Know About Community Cloud In 2021

Cloud computing is no longer a restricted subject for tech-savvy people only. In recent years, the market of cloud computing has expanded like never before.

The cloud computing market is likely to touch $830-billion by 2025, according to Cloudwards. As of now, around 94% of firms across the globe use cloud services in one way or other. So it becomes important to understand the concept of cloud computing and how it can benefit small, medium, and large scale business enterprises.

What is Community Cloud?

Along with the concept of cloud computing, people have also developed a deep interest in a community cloud. However, people need not worry much.

Basically, cloud computing refers to cloud infrastructure and its services, which can be accessed to or operated by only selected individuals attached to particular organizations. Usually, the attached organization owns and manages the relevant community cloud. In other words, community cloud includes the best of both private cloud and public cloud.

The primary purpose of the community cloud is to let multiple people work jointly on shared projects with the same objects. Business firms, NGOs, research organizations, and various associations, which shared a common interest, opt for community cloud services.

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Benefits or Advantages of Community Cloud

Cloud computing is broadly divided into three categories: Private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud. Community cloud is the advanced form of hybrid cloud with lots of advantages and benefits to users.

Safety And Security

The very purpose of setting up a community cloud by a particular organization is to prioritize its data safety. Since community cloud is being operated and managed by selected and trusted individuals, so community cloud is relatively safe and secured. Moreover, the organization can block an unauthorized intrusion into its servers by an outsider or online hacker.

Flexible In Operation

Community cloud is relatively flexible. The community can alter the properties of cloud servers as per their requirements. Community clouds help people interact with the company from a remote location. Team members can use various devices to access its services. The organization can increase or decrease team members on the community cloud as and when needed.

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Greater Control

In the case of a community cloud, the community or an organization manages the entire community cloud servers and its infrastructure. Team members can work and collaborate on the cloud and keep every data secret. It works like a private cloud but at reduced operating costs. On the other hand, it is safe and secured. All data are kept top secret. Unlike the public cloud, everyone can’t get access to the community cloud.

Shared Infrastructure

Community cloud facilitates the sharing of infrastructure, data, and other resources with various departments or organizations. Using shared servers, companies and firms can grab the benefits of both private and public clouds. In a way, the community cloud works exactly like hybrid clouds.

Disadvantages of Community Cloud

Not Suitable for All Organizations

The basic structure of community cloud computing may not suit all companies and organizations. Since several people can access the data on the community cloud, certain companies may opt for a Private cloud for confidentiality clauses.

Data Processing

Data on the community cloud takes a lot of time to get processed. It makes the entire process a bit slow and time-consuming process.

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Storage Issue

Community cloud has a relatively fixed and limited data storage capacity and bandwidth. If a lot of people work on the community cloud, it can corrupt files and data.

Types of Community Cloud

1. BFSI Community Cloud

The BFSI community cloud streamlines the entire organization’s process to primarily serve the banking, insurance, and financial sectors.

The banking, insurance, and finance industries now operate differently as a result of community clouds. It has significantly accelerated technological change in these industries.

2. Government Community Cloud

Cloud computing is now widely used by government organisations to automate tasks. The greatest flexibility and scalability needed by all government entities are provided by a community cloud platform specifically designed for use by the public sector.

3. Enterprise Community cloud

The corporate community cloud platform makes it possible for organisations to do more through a solid computing environment and the fusion of technologies. Enterprises use the community cloud to help them achieve their objectives effectively and gradually.

4. SAP HANA Community Cloud

With its cutting-edge and potent technology, SAP HANA Community Cloud speeds up corporate operations. All sizes of businesses struggle to retain the synchronicity and control necessary to run efficiently. On SAP HANA Community Cloud, businesses may run SAP, the industry’s top enterprise resource management programme, and revolutionise their operations thanks to the platform’s better performance.

Community Cloud Use Cases and Examples

  • Community Cloud solutions have been created by cloud providers, and some businesses are already reaping the rewards. Some of the key Community Cloud model scenarios that benefit the participating organisations are listed below.
  • Processing systems from many government agencies that conduct transactions with one another can share infrastructure. The tenants can save money with this setup, and it may also result in less data traffic.
  • American federal government institutions. The Community Cloud can be used by American government agencies with identical standards for security measures, audits, and privacy. Users feel comfortable enough to invest in the platform for their ideas because it is community-based.
  • Various businesses could require a certain system or application. cloud services-hosted The cloud provider can let different users connect to the same environment and logically divide their sessions. A system like this eliminates the requirement for separate servers for every client with identical goals.
  • Instead of using a public cloud, agencies can utilise this model to test apps with advanced security requirements. Given the legal restrictions placed on Community Clouds, this could be a chance to test out some of the features of a Public Cloud service.

The Conclusion

Community cloud is an emerging concept. It can help several companies obtain cloud computing services at affordable prices. Since it’s a new concept, many enterprises may still choose private cloud over community cloud.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can you use community cloud services?

Companies can introduce cloud services into their business by engaging with their loyal customers. The firm can let these customers spearhead its customer-engagement program by initiating contacts with new prospects. Empowered e-commerce, adding product reviews and feedbacks are some other ways of utilizing community cloud services to improve your customer support services.

Is Community Cloud fully safe and secure?

Community cloud comes with a robust security system and flexible architecture. Salesforce is the leading community cloud services provider, which is trusted by several global firms. It also offers real-time information on system efficiency, security check, and other best practices to enhance the efficiency of an organization.

Name some companies that use community cloud services in their organizations. 

Philips, Toyota, Virgin America Airlines, and Papa Murphy’s among others are some big corporate houses that use Community cloud services.

How much does Community Cloud cost?

The exact price of community cloud services varies from the type of community that you wish to build. You can create employee communities, customer communities, or partner sites on a community cloud—each of them will have different prices based on the number of users and data storage limit.

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