How to Enable Dark Mode on Twitch Quickly?

How to Enable Dark Mode on Twitch Quickly?

Are you also a twitch app lover and spend a huge amount of time watching live video streaming? Well, we know you are here because you want to enable twitch mode on the twitch app quickly. Whether you are an Android user, IOS user, or want to enable twitch dark mode on the twitch Website then we assure you that you will get all the information about twitch dark mode under the title of ‘how to enable dark mode on Twitch quickly?’

We will cover this topic today with very easy steps and instructions that will help you to change the background colour to dark colour or dark mode. So, just go through our whole article and understand the steps to enable dark mode for enjoying video streaming for long hours.

About Twitch Application 

It is an American live streaming service that is known for its wonderful services. This application is known for video game live streaming as well as for broadcasting esports competitions. Esports is generally considered a video game competition among professional streamers and gamers on an organized level.

On this application, one can chat and talk to other twitch users as well. So, basically, it’s an app that helps you to enjoy your favourite games live streaming.

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Major benefits of enabling Dark Mode on Twitch Quickly?

Well, there are only two major benefits that one should know –

  • For the comfort of our eye 

Normally, people advise each other not to spend more time on their PC and computer right? You can say this is a nice and easy way to comfort your eye basically. So, you can reduce eye strains in a low-light environment by enabling twitch dark mode and make your streaming more long-lasting.

  • For the long battery life of your mobile/computer

Enable Twitch Dark Mode and enjoy video game streaming for more hours. Because enabling twitch dark mode can help you stream and watch fun videos for more hours.

Twitch Dark Mode: Pros and Cons

The Twitch dark theme offers both benefits and drawbacks. To decide whether it should be enabled or disabled on your device, you must be aware of both its benefits and drawbacks.


  • The Twitch night mode uses relatively little power if your device has an OLED or AMOLED screen.
  • The ideal combination for coherence is thought to be black content on a white background. In order to reduce eye strain, it is, therefore, advisable to use Twitch’s dark mode, which will display light content on a dark background.
  • The blue light is lessened in the Twitch dark mode.
  • The screen glare is reduced by Twitch Night Mode, which also reduces the sparkling and blue light.


  • The dark mode is not always a good thing for your eyes. The information is cleaned up under wonderful lighting conditions, which increases eye weakness.
  • The lengthy passages of literature and drug testing must still be pursued in the
  • The Twitch Dark Mode must be used to read lengthy passages of text or information.
  • How to Enable Dark Mode on Twitch Quickly?

So, let’s know how to enable twitch dark mode on different devices.

1. If you want to enable it on Twitch Website

The below steps are for those who want to enable dark twitch mode

  • First, open the browser on your Personal Computer.
  • Now, visit ‘twitch TV’ to enable it.
  • After landing on their homepage, log in now with your details.
  • See the top right corner and click on the profile icon.
  • Now, select the option ‘Dark Theme’ to enable twitch dark mode on your computer.

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2. If you are an Android user 

If you are an Android user and want to turn On Dark Mode of the Twitch app then go with these below steps –

  • First, go to the twitch app which you have installed.
  • Now look at the top left side, you see the profile icon now all you have to do is to click on that profile icon.
  • Look again at the right top side, there is a small ‘setting’ icon just click on it.
  • After clicking on the setting icon, you are free to choose the option ‘ Enable dark mode’ and here you go!

3. For those who use an IOS device

It’s very easy to enable Twitch Night Mode on IOS even, just follow these steps easy steps

  • First, go to the Twitch app
  • Tap the profile icon
  • After tapping the profile icon you will get to see many options just select the dark theme
  • You will see that the Twitch dark mode is enabled now. So, now you are free to enjoy the dark mode on your IOS device.

4. By installing dark mode extension on your chrome browser 

On your browser activate an extension to enable dark twitch mode.

  • First, install the dark mode extension
  • Now, Install it and after that just turn it on your chrome browser
  • See how easy it was to enable twitch dark mode by this method.

 5. For Mozilla Firefox user 

We cannot forget those who are using Mozilla Firefox because there are lots of people out there who use it. So don’t worry if you are a Mozilla Firefox browser lover as we got you covered here on this topic too?

  • First, open the Mozilla Firefox browser and install an extension on it.
  • Now, install the dark mode extension to enable it. So now it’s done with a few easy steps.

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6. For the Edge browser users 

This last heading is for those who use the edge browser just follow the steps which we have shown to you below and enjoy seamless streaming and chatting on Twitch.

  • Follow the same steps as we had used for ‘Mozilla Firefox users’ which is very simple to be followed right?
  • Just install a dark mode extension on the Edge browser.
  • Later, enable the extension.


So, guys, these were some methods for different device users, hope our article ’How to Enable Dark Mode on Twitch quickly?’ has helped you all to enable twitch dark mode easily. So, have fun on this video-streaming platform that offers the next level of enjoyment for true gamers.

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