How To Choose The Best Microphone For Your Smartphone

How To Choose The Best Microphone For Your Smartphone

Even top smartphones are not yet able to provide the proper quality of recorded sound. In this situation, the best and most rational way out is to use an additional microphone, the choice of which should be approached with maximum attention. Today, top microphone brands present a fairly wide range of their products on the market.

Taking into account all the existing nuances and user reviews, ratings of external microphone models are compiled. Special attention should be paid to several representatives of the lines of well-known brands.

Rode Smart Lay

This is a model that is well known to many bloggers today. This rode microphone is conveniently and securely attached to clothing, while its cable is not visible. Important nuances of operation include the need to control the distance between the smartphone and the microphone itself.

Mighty Mic

A device characterized by good sensitivity and compactness. One of the main design features of the model is the presence of a Jack for headphones used for monitoring during recording.

Shure MV-88

This external microphone has a metal, durable body and an attractive design. According to user reviews, this model effectively copes with the tasks set when recording voice, songs, and musical compositions. Taking into account the technical characteristics, the Shure MV-88 can be classified as a more professional gadget. This microphone can even be used for recording concerts.

Zoom iO6

In this case, we are talking about a high-tech module consisting of two x/y type stereo microphones at once. The device connects via the Lightning port. Since the model was developed with a focus on Apple gadgets, the microphone received a removable divider from the manufacturer. This allows you to connect it to all mobile devices of the specified brand. At the same time, the microphone provides maximum recorded sound quality in almost any environment.

Blue Microphones Mikey

A reliable remote device that differs from many of its competitors in its original design. The microphone, due to its operational qualities, can process both powerful and muted sounds with a volume of up to 130 dB with equal efficiency. The gadget has a micro-USB port, which makes it possible to integrate it not only with Apple technology.

Line 6 Sonic Port VX

The microphone is a multi-purpose, 6-band audio interface. This design includes three condenser microphones at once. Electronic musical instruments can be recorded via the line input. According to the reviews of users and experts, this device can be safely classified as universal. In particular, it can be connected to both a PC and an electric guitar via special amplifiers for iOS. The package includes its own stand for easy recording of podcasts and blogs.

Who needs an external microphone for a smartphone?

  1. Journalists/interviewers. For people who earn money through interviews, an external microphone is a must-have technique. Interviewing can take place in a noisy place (on the street or in a cafe). The built-in microphone of the gadget will definitely not cope with the task of recording in such conditions.
  2. Musicians. For musicians, it is extremely important to be able to “catch the Muse by the tail” – to record a melody on audio that suddenly sounded in your head.
  3. Students. Not all teachers make sure that students have time to fix their words on paper or a Word sheet. Thanks to the remote microphone, you can record an audio lecture. So at home, in a comfortable environment, you can translate it into a written form.
  4. Bloggers. It doesn’t matter if the blogger shoots reviews of equipment or just funny videos – if the sound is of poor quality, his videos will not become popular.

How to choose an external microphone for your smartphone?

  1. Wire length. This figure is important for lavalier microphones. 3 feet will be quite enough for the convenient operation of your equipment. There are microphones with 19 feet or more of cable in the kit. In this case, you need to make sure there is a special coil around which you can wrap the cable so that its excessive length does not become a hindrance.
  2. The size of the microphone. Here, as in the case of portable speakers for smartphones, there is a dependence: the larger the microphone, the better the quality of the recording. For video bloggers who only care about readability, a small “buttonhole” size will do. Professional interviewers usually prefer directed guns.
  3. Package. If we are talking about the lavalier mic, the set should include, in addition to the cable, a clip for attaching to clothes and wind protection. Both elements seem very small, but in their absence, the user will understand how important they are.
  4. Compatibility with the devices. Unfortunately, some guns can only work with Apple gadgets. Therefore, if the equipment is purchased for Android, you should tell the store consultant about it. The lavalier microphones are compatible with all Android, but only if there is a special adapter.
  5. Frequency range. There are external microphones on the market, the specifications of which indicate that they write in the range from 20 to 20000 Hz. 20-20000 Hz are all frequencies that can be fixed by the human ear. If a microphone is purchased for interviewing or blog recording, this wide frequency range will not be an advantage. The equipment will record not only the sound of the voice but also all extraneous noise. A microphone with a range of 60-15000 Hz will allow you to record a conversation even better.

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