How to Construct an Essay Outline – A Guide to Organise Your Thoughts

How to Construct an Essay Outline – A Guide to Organise Your Thoughts

An essay outline serves as the design for a well-structured piece of writing. Primarily, it acts as a roadmap that guides the writers through different stages of an essay writing process. It helps in organising ideas, from brainstorming to establishing an argument with supportive evidence. An outline of an essay aids in maintaining focus and prevents the writer from getting off track of the subject matter.

Additionally, an outline streamlines the method and enables a writer to overcome the gaps or address them timely. Also, it increases the coherence in a logical way within an essay to ensure the transition between the ideas. Resultantly, an essay outline stands as an essential tool for the authors to write a composition that effectively communicates their ideas to the readers. The whole essay is based on the outline, which is why it needs to be taken seriously. However, if you find it difficult to write a well-designed outline, then it is suggested that you contact an essay writing service online. They have experienced writers who can craft an outline and then write an essay according to it.

In this article, we shall discuss how to construct an essay outline that can be used as a torch-bearer for making an ordinary writing a success story. Keep reading.

How to Write an Essay Outline?

Writing an essay outline is one of the basic steps towards building a well-informed paper. A good framework tells a lot about the whole composition. If you write it well, it will save you time and will keep you on the path to the last thought. Here are the vital steps involved in building an outline of an essay:

Understand Your Topic and Brainstorm the Ideas

Before you begin your outline, you need to understand the topic requirements. Once you grasp the gist of the theme, it becomes easy to make a plan and then write a whole essay according to it. Also, you need to identify the purpose of your essay assignment and do not overlook the guidelines provided by your institution.

Understand Your Topic and Brainstorm the Ideas

Further, do not go directly to the framework of your composition; rather, invest some time in brainstorming the ideas. Think about supporting evidence that can make your argument stronger.

Identify and Arrange the Main Points

Once you understand the topic’s main idea, it is time to identify the main points you want to use in your essay. These points will act as the foundation for your essay outline. Similarly, you need to arrange the points on which you want to establish an argument in a logical order that best supports your thesis statement. It is also important to note that you present your ideas and ensure that each idea flows naturally into the next.

Create Subpoints to Establish a Structure

Under each main point, add some subpoints as supporting details that further develop your argument. These subpoints must be supported by examples, evidence, and analysis to tell everything about the main point they are representing.

Along with it, decide on a suitable structure for the outline of your essay. For that purpose, you can follow certain essay outline templates or ask your instructor if he has some specific requirements. Roman numerals, letters, and numbers can also be used in this regard, or it could be a more visual outline using bullet points or mind maps. The most important thing is to choose the format that best suits your essay to assemble your ideas.

Review Your Essay Outline and Revise

Now, when you have crafted your first outline, remember the process is not done yet. After making the first draft, take some time to review outline of the essay and make necessary revisions. Do not hesitate to discard the irrelevant information. Further, make sure that each section comes up logically and support your idea of discussion effectively. Adjust your outline where needed to improve the clarity.

Come up With a Final Polished Outline

Once you are satisfied with the framework, give it a final reading to confirm that if it accurately represents the structure and content of the essay. An outline is something that should serve as a comprehensive guide for writing a composition. It makes the process easy and efficient in the best possible way. If you think this process is a bit hectic, you can ask a professional essay writer to help you in framing your essay outline.

Essay Outline Example

Before you try your hands writing an outline for your essay, it is better to view some of the templates and essay outline examples to get some knowledge. We have provided a template that will help you while crafting an outline. You can follow this template, or use one that is specified by your college or university.

Essay Outline Example


To conclude, we can say that an essay outline serves as a mirror for the whole composition. You need to craft a strong framework that not only represents the topic, but also it gives structure to your essay. An outline acts like a forerunner for a piece of writing, giving sufficient information to the reader he intends to read. If you write a competitive essay, experts say that examiners mostly draw conclusions about the depth of your paper through the outline only.


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