Motorcycle Shipping: What are the Factors that Can Affect the Costs?

Motorcycle Shipping: What are the Factors that Can Affect the Costs?

Instead of doing the long ride yourself from one state to another, why not just ship your motorcycle and let others handle the logistics? You can ride your favorite bike when you reach your destination, but it can be a different story when you need to cover thousands of miles when you’re relocating or going on a vacation. See more reasons why people relocate in this URL.

Many people utilize the services of shipping companies for various reasons. Fortunately, you don’t have to scour the Yellow Pages to look for them because the best ones are available online. Below are some of the reasons why you should consider calling for the help of professional drivers.

Why Do People Hire Auto Transport Companies for Motorcycle Relocation?

For one, it’s a more convenient option because you don’t have to spend hours or days on the road. There will be no need to take a day off from work and instead, save valuable time when someone else does the driving across multiple state lines. They are often great for people who have busy schedules and who have a lot of other things to do regarding their relocation.

Your bike is also going to have that extra layer of protection while traveling to different cities. Reduce the wear-and-tear, mileage, and instances of damage when shipping your motorcycle with the right people. There are crates and enclosed trailer trucks that can protect your classic bike from the snow, rain, ultraviolet rays of the sun, road debris, and dust. You can also prevent scratches and keep your motorcycle in pristine condition when needed.

For those who are traveling vast distances or who need assistance with cross-country shipping, hiring a legitimate company can be the only way to go. They are going to be efficient because the drivers know about the parking areas, challenging terrains, routes, and road closures, so you don’t have to check the maps every hour or so. They are also going to prevent you from feeling fatigued and overwhelmed during the process.

Those who have to attend motor shows, tours, rallies, or special events can also have a more enjoyable experience when they don’t have to worry about anything. They can focus on track races or scenic routes when they are not the ones doing the entire driving. Remember that long drives that are done regularly can take a toll on any vehicle and you might encounter various issues with its engines, brakes, and tires, so it’s best to rely on trucks and ships to avoid those frequent repairs.

Also, bringing your trusty and daily drive with you can help a vacation become more fun. Others don’t have to worry about the constraints of traveling, and they just want to enjoy the culture, landscape, scenery, and cafes of a new place. They would want to rely on their motorcycles because they are so used to it, so this is another reason why people hire professionals.

Is It Going to Be Expensive?

Is It Going to Be Expensive?

There’s no fixed price with regards to shipping, but you can have a ballpark figure to work on if you’re able to specify the distance and the shipping method. Longer distances can often require more working hours of the drivers on the road, fuel, and hard work so expect the costs to go up. There is also open transport that can help you spread the costs to other motorcycle enthusiasts. However, these trucks and open crates can expose your vehicle to the elements, so consider this option carefully. 

Weights and sizes are also going to affect the pricing. Heavier types and larger models might require specialized handling, ramps that you can find out more about at this link:, and other tools, and they can add up to the total before you know it. If you prefer deliveries and pick-ups on your doorstep, this can also translate to other costs. However, this is ideal for businesspeople and other busy folks who don’t have the time to arrange for transportation to the local port to fetch their motorcycles.

Peak seasons should be avoided as much as possible, and if there’s lower demand for the services, the price will also be cheaper. During the summer and when there are holidays, you should also expect a spike in pricing because others tend to make major relocations during these times of the year. Keep in mind the taxes, customs duties, export fees, and other applicable charges. This is why you need to select a company that’s transparent with its pricing to prevent misunderstandings later on.

A motorcycle’s condition may also result in additional costs. Those who are still running and in excellent shape are cheaper because it’s easier for the crew to load and unload them. You just have to specify whether the bike is still in running condition or it requires special handling for transparency.


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