Fighting the WFH Slowdown: 10 Tools for Staying Productive During Remote Work

Fighting the WFH Slowdown: 10 Tools for Staying Productive During Remote Work

Though many employees prefer remote work setups to in-person offices due to reduced commutes and convenience, at-home staff often risk becoming sidetracked, tanking productivity. Between furry friends, little ones, and a comfy couch begging for your attention, it may be challenging to stay focused and motivated without the support of helpful office managers and coworkers. 

That said, working from home is far from an impossible task with the right tools at your disposal. Read on for ten ways to crawl out of your slump, regain momentum, and stay atop your game without sacrificing the benefits of remote work. 

Top 10 WFH tools for productivity

Call in for backup: When you need a little support to get back in the productive groove, turn to the following helpful tools and resources to give you the boost you need.

A digital mailbox

At-home employees can take advantage of digital mailbox technology to remotely check and manage their paper mail without leaving the comfort of their homes. That way, remote workers can stay on track and avoid time-wasting trips to the post office during valuable on-clock hours. 

Additionally, digital mailboxes are invaluable for remote workers who travel from place to place, enabling nomadic employees to stay connected from anywhere in the world.


A common roadblock rattling at-home employees is inadequate storage on their personal devices, limiting application and documentation access. However, with cloud-based storage solutions like Dropbox, you can organize and share documents without overwhelming your computer’s hard drive. 

Dropbox is perfect for sharing large files and project collaboration, enabling teams to work on projects both on and offline. That way, you can free up space on your devices without sacrificing productivity, allowing you and your computer to work fast and efficiently. 

Communication tools

Digital communication tools like Slack and Zoom have skyrocketed in popularity during the rise of at-home positions, enabling employees to stay connected in real-time. 

Slack is a practical application that connects employees to one another, enabling workers to send chats, hop on calls, and share progress all in one place. Plus, teams or managers can create separate communication channels for specific projects, keeping everyone organized and on track.

Zoom is another top-rated application that enables large groups to connect and collaborate regardless of geographic location. Zoom is an excellent tool for those with international clients working in different time zones, allowing them to stay connected without in-person meetings. Plus, you can customize your sessions, host large conferences, and enable screen share to increase accessibility. 

Project management tool

To keep teams and projects on track, consider implementing a management tool like Asana, Trello, or Basecamp to monitor deadlines and stay connected. 

At-home employees can also use project management tools to delegate tasks to other team members, enabling video calling and in-app chat to aid in collaboration. 

Google Docs

Google Docs is an excellent option for creating and sharing documents with your team without worrying about compatibility issues. It’s also easy to track changes and leave comments so you can collaborate on projects in real-time without getting lost in edits and additions.

Plus, there’s no need to download anything to your device—just create a free account and start using Google Docs with the click of a button.

Time tracker

Often, at-home employees can lose track of time without in-person check-ins. Thankfully, time tracking tools can help keep absentminded workers on schedule by monitoring how long each task takes. Time trackers are especially handy when working on a project with multiple deadlines, allowing you to budget your time more effectively and alert you of any wasted time throughout the day. 

Whether you opt for Timely, Toggl, or Clockify, you can find a time tracking tool that fits your needs and steers you towards maximal productivity and efficiency. 


Are you spending too much time browsing the internet or checking social media when you should be working? RescueTime can track your activities and provide a detailed breakdown report of daily usage. That way, you can take inventory of common time-wasters and cut back when necessary. 

Additionally, you can set practical goals and program alerts when you’re spending too much time on certain websites to hold yourself accountable and bypass distractions.

Digital calendar

A digital calendar makes it easier to manage your time effectively by keeping track of meeting times, deadlines, and appointments all in one easily accessible place. 

For example, Google Calendar is a top-notch option that integrates with Gmail, so you can easily add events and invite others to join. Plus, this online calendar will automatically add Google Meet room links to avoid hiccups when virtually meeting.

Regardless of which digital planner you implement, try setting up recurring events, share your schedule with coworkers, and program reminders for upcoming events to maximize efficiency. 

Workflow automation tool

If you find yourself wasting time on menial tasks, a workflow automation tool can streamline your daily processes and save time. Workflow tools automate simple tasks like sending email responses, scheduling social media posts, or taking meeting notes so you can zero in on top-priority duties.

There are dozens of workflow automation tools available, so choose one that fits your needs and start automating to save time and energy during your workday. 

Wave Financial

Wave is an excellent resource for small businesses and freelance workers who need to track their income and expenses. This tool is straightforward and userfriendly, giving real-time insights into your business finances, helping you make informed decisions about where to allocate your resources.

It’s also free to use, so it’s an excellent choice for new freelancers who might not have the budget for a paid accounting tool.

Wrapping up

These are just a few of the many tools available to help you stay productive during remote work. With a little bit of trial and error, you can maximize your time with helpful technology, setting up a unique system that works with your everyday work needs. Whether you implement a productivity tracking tool, sharable online calendar, or project management application, you’ll blaze through down-times and stay on top of your game at home.

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