Why Paradise Trippies Is the First Slot Machine Game of its Kind

Why Paradise Trippies Is the First Slot Machine Game of its Kind

Hold the front page! In March 2022, Brazilian casino games developer Caleta Gaming announced a ground-breaking new slot machine in partnership with NFT collection Paradise Trippies. So what, exactly, sets this five-reel game apart from the competition? Oh, just the fact that players can win actual NFTs in addition to cash and bitcoins, of course!

Newly released, the Paradise Trippies game offers casual gamers and veterans of the scene alike an opportunity to get their hands on a coveted Paradise Trippies NFT artwork. As such, it’s the first of its kind to give players the chance to win a digital asset of this kind and could pave the way for a whole new way to enjoy an online casino in the future.

What is Paradise Trippies?

For those unfamiliar with the Paradise Trippies concept, it was dreamt up by Andy Booth, a long-time member of the extremely lucrative Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). Booth imagined that Bored Ape #9696 – or ‘Party Pete’ to his friends – imbibed a special brew of trippy ingredients and in doing so, visited the fabled Paradise Island. This remote wonderland is filled with all kinds of curious creatures, some good, some bad and some downright special.

Booth then commissioned artists Joe Ruiz and Rui Duarte to create a catalogue of 10,000 unique non-fungible token (NFT) artworks, each featuring a particular character from his mindscape. As with all NFTs, some of these are more rare and more prestigious than others, meaning they’re more valuable into the bargain. Although the initial collection has now entirely sold out, Booth and his creative team have come up with an ingenious method of allowing other wannabee investors to get their hands on the sought-after assets: a slot game.

Introducing the Paradise Trippies game

Just as the BAYC allows its members access to an exclusive club, so too does the Paradise Trippies brand foster a sense of inclusivity and camaraderie among those who hold a token. However, the club is about far more than community; it also has plenty of puzzles, games and other entertaining features baked into the very fabric of the Paradise Island universe.

The Paradise Trippies game is just the first of those. Boasting a 96% RTP rate, the game offers players the chance to win 10 times their original stake in bitcoin… and that’s before the bonus features are taken into account. When entering the Mega Trip side game, you’ll have the chance to win an authentic Paradise Trippies NFT! Of course, it goes without saying that this prize is only on offer to those playing in Real Mode.

A sign of things to come

The Paradise Trippies slot is revolutionary in that it is the first game to offer its fans the opportunity to claim an NFT alongside cash prizes. Will it be a trendsetter in this respect? Will other games developers cotton onto the immense potential inherent in the idea and introduce their own games offering other NFTs? Only time will tell.

What’s not in doubt is that this is far from the last offering we can expect from Paradise Island nor Bitcoin in the near future. “The possibilities of gaming in the metaverse that we’ve only begun to explore are endless, and we see huge potential for delivering web 3.0 entertainment to the players so this is very exciting,” explained Tauri Tiitsaar, director of casino at Yolo Group.

Through their partnership with Caleta Gaming and Bitcasino, Paradise Trippies have set a new standard in slot machine possibilities. Watch this space for developing news.

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