Creating Your Own Dating Website

Creating Your Own Dating Website

Create your own website

If you are new to writing code and web design but want to create your own site, you have a ton of options. Dating website You can write a simple site yourself by learning the basics of HTML and CSS. Just believe that the result of your work can look beautiful and professional!

Use a ready-made template

You can buy or find free ready-made website templates online. This is an already written code that you can simply use or adapt to your needs. There are quite a few proven developers of quality templates, one of them is Wix. If you’re interested with it, feel free to check this specific Wix review for a complete guide.

Hire a web designer

If you need a professionally made perfectly working site – perhaps the best option would be to hire a web designer. This, of course, will require certain costs but not as large as you might think. You can find a novice designer by posting an ad on your local technical university. Their experience will help you create a more successful and professional website.

Do not clutter up the site

Everything should work as quickly as possible and without any problems. Keep the number of menu items to a minimum by making site navigation simple and straightforward, helping the site visitor.

Use a friendly user interface

By arranging the site’s elements, such as the website’s title, logo, buttons, graphic elements, and text in the same place on each page, you will greatly simplify the navigation on the site. Place the site title at the top of each page. No matter how many duplicate elements your site contains, make sure the top of the site is identical on all pages. The design should be logical. Elements on each page should be arranged in a logical order, in decreasing order of importance; all pages should be structured similarly.

Stick to the same style

The design of the web page should give the site structural integrity, and its design – thematic harmony. Maintain the color scheme of the site in two or three matching colors. Avoid using fonts of all sizes and colors. If you plan to use different fonts, the style in which they are used should be identical on each page of the site. Use CSS to format the site and simplify the management of site elements, eliminating the need to change the elements on each page individually.

Make the site as readable as possible

To make the text easy to read, break it into small parts. Use subheadings and spacing to separate pieces of text from each other. Use bold or larger fonts to emphasize the structure and importance of the text. Let’s say that you want to post an article on how not to be clingy or any other topic at that, the content has to be readable and clear, hire an editor or use the services of a freelance writer if needs be.

Pay attention to text formatting

Do not make the font too small and increase the letter spacing to make large blocks of text more readable. Reading a long text is pretty hard, so it’s best to break it into paragraphs.

Build a website in a universal format

Use standard HTML and avoid using tags, features, and plugins that are only supported by a specific browser. Although most modern browsers easily cope with complex images, the site will work faster if you optimize images for the web and make them small. Try striking the right balance between quality and speed.

Test your website

Make sure that all links are working and that the images are displayed correctly. It is advisable to conduct a small test of “usability” (convenience for the user): provide access to the site to representatives of your target audience to test the understandability and ease of use of the site design and receive feedback from participants in the test.

Consider browsing the site via a mobile device

Nowadays, more and more people use mobile devices as the main way to use access to the internet. If you want to attract visitors to your site and keep them, you should design the site so that it looks good, and it was easy to use using mobile devices. The best option is to create a separate site for this purpose, but there are other ways. See examples of mobile sites. Often by inserting the letter “m.” instead of “www” in the web address of the site, you will be taken to the mobile version of the site. You can do something similar.

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