A Guide to Dominant Google Rankings by Creating Excellent Featured Snippets

A Guide to Dominant Google Rankings by Creating Excellent Featured Snippets

The ability of your site to maintain high traffic from Google is not an easy job. Featured Snippets it means that you have to keep up with Google’s algorithm changes that are happening from time to time. Yes! It is indeed a dynamic phase of Google feature in search rankings which helps every site administrators, owners, and developers maintain a reliable and trustworthy website. One of the major features that Google introduces which helps your site appear on the first page of Google Ranking is through featured snippets.

What Is A Google Snippet

A Google featured snippet is direct information from the queries you ask on Google’s search engine box. These are composed of Meta descriptions that are placed inside a box below a certain headline or query you entered. Also, when you ask a particular question on Google about a certain topic, aside from the possible answers that snippet will provide, it will also include some helpful links that you may click which is related to the topic.

Most Expert SEO would say that having featured snippets are the most effective and easiest way of driving more visitors for your website; thus, generating high traffic. In line with creating excellent featured Google snippets, we’d like to show you some tips on how your featured snippets can create an edge of making your site rank first on Google.

Utilize SEMrush to Look For Competitor’s Snippets

Using SEMrush is an exceptional way of checking your site’s analytics. While it’s the main role is to maintain the good analytics of your page, you also have the way of finding well-featured snippets here. Using this tool allows you to foresee featured snippets that your competitors have used in order for Google to rank their site on the first page.

You can simply run an organic search using a SEMrush and click the “Featured Snippet” to filter the type of popular keywords being used. In this way, if you are already known the keywords that your most competitors are using, you can then optimize and improve your snippet structuring with the same exact keywords to make sure that you get rank too.

Take Advantage of Google

This is where you put your shoe on your user’s end. You have to formulate some questions that your users are usually asking. In some cases where users ask a question of some uncommon term, you also need to take advantage of adding several linking topics and subtopics that will directly answer their question on your snippet.

By doing this, you are giving a better view of an idea to the user opting them to open and visit your website instead of going somewhere else.

Look For Content Ideas by Answering the Public

The most common topic that every user ask in Google are questions that start with Who, When, Why, Where, What and How. In this case, Answer the Public is the best tool that you can take advantage of generating possible questions that every user might ask when they attempt to search in Google.

By simply entering a keyword, Answer the Public will generate tons of possible suggested questions that you can include on your featured snippet. Pick the best question that’s simple and relevant.

Perform A Keyword Research

In any case of creating a featured snippet, you should always perform keyword research. In this way, you will be able to find out the most searchable keywords that you need to optimize and improve your content. You can also use some free tools online that generates keywords you can use and get some featured snippet ideas that you can utilize.

Answer Collective Questions

When you compose content for your featured Google snippet, you must uncover answering multiple and collective questions. This will help you ensure that your users won’t go anywhere because you have answered possible and extended questions they might have to ask.

Mind the Optimal Word Count

SEMrush says that the most number of words you can include in a featured snippet is around 52 words. This is a tight criterion to look at. In this case, you need to keep your content as concise and direct as possible so that will draw attention easily.

Utilize Some Headers

The simplest way to format your content and get noticed easily is by using headers in breaking up each section.  You must use the “Paragraph Style” and you should do this either in WordPress or Google Docs. Also, you must learn how to organize the headers that you are going to use to make sure that your format is arranged in chronological order. This will also assist every user to fully visualize and understand what your featured snippets are.

Attach A “How To” Section

The featured snippets that you create will ultimately attract every user to visit your website. On the other hand, the best way to help you optimize your site is to add a “How To” section on it. The answers included in the “How To” section will definitely help every visitor in finding the exact answers they’re looking for their queries.

At the same time, if you do not like the idea of “How To”, you can either put a Q&A tab where frequently asked questions related to your featured snippet are outlined to make sure that your visitors are sticking to your website.

Include High-Quality Videos and Images

Admit it or not, there are visitors who would like to look at videos and images directly and not on contents. In the course of making your featured snippets, it would be a bright idea if you include high-quality images and videos that directly support the needs of your visitors.

Bear in mind that attaching these elements is not hard because you have tools that you can download which helps you in making this without a hitch.

Always remember that creating excellent featured Google snippets will get your site rank on the first page of Google. You might face a lot of competitors online; however, if you abide by the techniques laid out above, your site’s chance of getting ranked first in Google must be achieved easily.

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