Web Design vs. Web Development – What’s the Difference?

Confused about what is the difference between a web designer and a web developer? Although they both work hand in hand to create powerful websites, they share different sets of responsibilities. In this article, we have shared useful information about the difference between the two to help you get a clearer understanding.

Website Design and Development: Is It The Same Thing?

Before heading on to the difference between a web developer vs a web designer, let us throw some light on what does designing and development actually refer to. Web development refers to a set of skills required to build and maintain websites through complex coding and programming. It comprises strategic planning of the functionality and speed of each element on a website.

Contrarily, web designing is a discipline that is majorly focused on making the complex codes in the website’s structure visually appealing. Basically, a web developer handles all the technical aspects of a website but a web designer is more focused on following the latest design trends to make the website look more interesting and impactful.

Understanding the Roles & Responsibilities of a Web Designer

Now that you know the main difference between website design and development, you can easily understand who is a web designer. A website designer is a person who works specifically on web graphic design to enhance the user experience and promote engagement. He works on the user interface design and the entire layout of a website to make it look more engaging.

However, these designers are very different from graphic designers and illustrators. They possess deep technical knowledge about coding and programming. Their design on a specific website is not done through simple clicks and selections. They put in multiple codes to achieve a single element.

Top Web Designer Skills Required to Design Interesting Websites

Apart from the technical knowledge, there are various other web designer skills one must possess to get into the role. Some of them are:

1. Color Theory

A website can only get high conversions when its color palette is well thought of. Designers hence need to be well aware of the color theory to make the site look more impressive.

2. Creativity

Only coding cannot make someone a designer if he/she lacks innovation as only a creative person can bring the brand’s vision to life.

3. Analytical Skills

Designers must also possess deep analytical skills to understand what kind of design would the target audience be more impressed with.

An Insight into the Main Responsibilities of  a Web Developer

A web developer is someone who is more focused on structuring the entire website including its speed, sitemap, and layout. Web development is a bigger responsibility as it is the architecture of a brand’s online presence. From fixing errors to making the website more responsive and user friendly, a web developer looks after multiple prospects before making any decision.

Web developers are just like the backstage technical crew who handle all the haphazard to make the website appear clean, fast, responsive, and bug-free. These developers possess high coding and programming knowledge to boost engagement on the website. Specialized web developers are highly paid as they meet both the brand’s needs as well as the audience’s needs.

Web Developer Skills Required By A Candidate to Apply for the Role

Since web development demands a higher understanding of technical as well as operational knowledge, the skillset needed to grab the respective job is also high. Some of the major web developer skills are:

1. HTML/CSS and JavaScript Skills

Most importantly, developers should possess high-level programming knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to write complex codes and implement them on the website.

2. Testing and Debugging

Many people can develop websites but if they do not strengthen them against bugs and errors, they are very likely to lose their clients. Developers must have high testing and debugging skills to let a website function smoothly and stay as much error-free as possible.

3. Great Communication Skills

Developers must have active listening skills and exceptional interpersonal skills to understand the requirements of their clients and bring their vision to life.

The Bottom Line

We hope we helped you understand the main difference between a web developer vs web designer. Both of them are equally required to let a website function smoothly and exude a smooth user experience. Additionally, developers and designers both must possess high time management skills, strong work ethics, soft skills, and the willingness to constantly learn and stay updated with the new algorithms and trends.

If you are looking to get your website designed, the right developers and designers will fetch you the ROI in no time!

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