Why windows 10 stuck in airplane mode

Why windows 10 stuck in airplane mode

Windows 10 stuck in airplane mode will really irritate us when we are trying to connect with internet, then suddenly we find that the pc is not connecting to the internet and we will go back to see whether the setting in the network menu, and found that we are being restricted to connect to wifi or internet then we got to see that airplane mode is turned on, next we try to just click on the airplane mode to turn off, but nothing works and out of frustration we need to make that work easy as the work is getting delayed or planned about watching something in a particular schedule or having some online meeting with a client, then we have found an easy way to fix the windows 10 stuck in airplane mode into normal, so we are now going to check out if the system is in airplane mode or not.

How to fix laptop stuck in airplane mode:

Here got something interesting to fix, it is like windows 10 stuck in airplane mode, as sometimes our pc struck with airplane mode on and we are not able to connect back to the internet, so to deal with this issue first we need to check about why it is happening, initially go with checking in by just restarting the system and check out whether the system is connecting to the internet or not, so after making sure about it, we need to deal with why windows 10 stuck in airplane mode, so we have some technical steps to fix this issue like there is some problem in airplane mode, and so it is not working to off mode, and to control that from keyboard shortcut we need to click on PrtScr key along with Radio tower, so after clicking on it we will see a message about the airplane mode is switched to off mode, even though this method didn’t work, we just need close everything and shutdown to the system, after some time we can restart the system back.

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Confirm the status:

Here we just need to check out the status for radio management services with a command in the service manager window and by selecting properties we can easily change the startup to the turnoff and now windows will not allow us to turn off the setting, so we can go with the stepwise process. We are using some keyboard short cuts like windows key with ‘R’ to open the run window.

Step 1: Now go with clicking on Windows key with ‘R’ to open the run window

Step 2: Type the command as services.msc and click enter and the service manager tab will be coming up

Step 3: There in the tab click on the Radio management services by selecting on properties.

Step 4: Go with trying to turn off the mode of startup type, windows will not let us turn off the mode.

Clear cache with commands:

Step 1: Here we can just run the commands as administrator by giving them to clear the DNS cache

Step 2: Type “ipconfig/release” command to release

Step 3: Type “ipconfig/renew” command to renew

Step 4: Type “ipconfig/flushdns” command to clear out the DNS cache

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