As we all know that we make our memorable and important images to save them safe in our pc or system, so we make both iPhone and our system to connect with each other by using the cable, and we can simply find the DCIM folder available in the pc, so here if anyone doesn’t know about what is DCIM and the full form can be like Digital Camera Images, as the title itself indication about what it holds, so here in DCIM we got all categories of images like pic we took with the camera, downloaded from different social media site and including screenshot images found in this folder.

Now the issue is about disappearing of DCIM folder in pc when we open it by connecting both devices that are our iPhone and system, in some cases we can find the DCIM folder but the images are missing and showing empty in the folder, iPhone photos not showing up on pc can resolve with easy technical analysis over the issue. The problem with dcim folder being no images to show and sometimes invisible can be more irritating as we are hoping to save them safe in our pc, but it was showing nothing to save as empty.

Here we got some methods to deal with the issue of dcim folder invisibility and iPhone photos not showing up on pc.

Simple changes can be the solutions

Yes! We have many times end up solving critical things with simple logic and in the same way, we can just fix this iPhone photos not showing up on pc error by just restarting our both devices like iPhone and system, there can some background issues that were creating some trouble, so by just shutting down both our devices (iPhone and pc) and restarting them again back to active state can be a simple technique to sort out from the issue of iPhone photos not showing up on pc error.

Never forget to open Lock:            

As we used to forget this simple logic and find with all other terrific doubts about why the iPhone photos not showing up on pc, so before going with it we need to check about our device first before going to other reasons, generally we connect the iPhone with our PC using the USB cable port to exchange the data, but after connecting we see nothing recognized here as iPhone photos not showing up on pc, and this can be due to not unlocking our phone before connecting, and if we do with the lock then the connectivity will be like charging relationship between the devices.

So we need to unlock the phone and check for options that were available here to transfer data or charging, etc. as options. By just clicking with transfer data in the iPhone after connecting to PC we can fix the issue of iPhone photos not showing up on pc successfully, so unlocking can definitely help out to open dcim folder in pc without issues.

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