Manage your data: ways to help you recover your lost data on Windows 10 or Laptop

Manage your data: ways to help you recover your lost data on Windows 10 or Laptop

Nowadays, everyone is using their laptops and PC to do their official work. This makes our work simpler but sometimes you can face recover your lost data on Windows 10. If you are a businessman data loss can affect your business and this can cause a great loss if not recovered immediately. Thus, knowing a few ways to recover your lost data is really important to prevent any loss.

Ways that can lead to data loss

  • Files deleting accidentally – This is very common and people with heavy workflow often delete a bunch of files on a regular basis. While deleting the non-important files, they accidentally click on the important data. Thus, you should always clear space on the computer carefully so that any important data loss can be prevented.
  • Hacking – Hacking can be dangerous for your business as any person can use your data easily and harm you. The hackers go for the important data in your system which can benefit them. This results in the loss of important business data. To prevent this, you should have proper security and hp recovery disk measures in place. If you face any malfunctioning activities you should go for the professional help to safeguard your important data.
  • Viruses – Viruses can damage the data and this can result in loss of important files from your system. They can corrupt the industrial, manufacturing and financial information of your business. These viruses can also corrupt your client’s information which can cause great trouble to your business. You should always go for the malware and virus scanning software on your laptop and PC to protect your important data.
  • System crash – Sometimes when you are working on your laptop there is a system crash in which the running program of particular software stops responding. This eventually leads to exit and your data is lost due to system crash. This can be due to low disk space D drive. You should free the space in your system regularly to prevent these situations.

Tips to prevent data loss

  • Backup the data – prevention is always a better option. You should have a good backup strategy for protecting your data. Regularly maintain your backup files which will keep safe all your important information. Some files are very critical thus they require backup every week. Always remember to check the backup files after doing the entire task.
  • Go for email security and antivirus – email threats of hacking are common nowadays. You should always use email security software in your system to prevent any type of malfunction. Moreover, hacking can steal away all your important data thus you need to have a proper security system. Go for the antivirus software in your system to prevent your files from getting corrupt.
  • Encrypt all the sensitive data – some people think that all the backup files are encrypted but this is not the case. Some backed up files are not encrypted and these files can be easily accessed by any other person. Protect your sensitive files by encrypting them. This will prevent any malicious activities done by others.

How recoverit can help in recover your lost data?

Recoverit is one of the best software that can help you in getting back the lost files. The best thing is that it is very easy to use. Here are some steps that you can follow to get back the access to your important files:

Step 1: Select the location

It is important to select a specific location where you lost the data.  Select the hard disk under the option ‘Hard Disk Drives’ or you can select desktop under the option ‘select location’. After selecting the location click on the ‘start’ option to start scanning the selected location.

Select the location - recover your lost data

Step 2: scan location

Recoverit will start scanning all the files. Scanning can take a few minutes. If your files are heavy it can take a few hours to complete the all-round scanning process. While the scanning is going, you can pinpoint the file whichever you want and it will stop the scanning process.

You can pause the scanning process by clicking on the pause button if needed. You can also go for the ‘Advanced video recovery’ if you want.

scan location

Step 3: Preview and file recover

Preview – When you are using recoverit you can preview the files by simply clicking on it. On the right panel, a thumbnail will be shown to you. The ‘preview’ option will pop and you can double click on the option. The file name, file path, file size, and modified date will be shown. The interface of recoverit gives you wide previews for the photos. You can zoom out, zoom in and rotate the picture if you want.

Preview and file recover

Recover– after confirming the file that you want to click on the ‘recover’ option and choose the desired path to save your file. Do not select the location where your file was lost.



If you have recently deleted a file by mistake, you can easily recover your lost data it from the recycle bin. But in case you have permanently deleted the file from the system, it becomes hard to trace it and restore it. You can use backups or third-party recovery tools to avoid such issues. In order to avoid such issues, try backup important data on cloud drives or external hard disks and properly organize your important files in specific folders.

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