15 Best Vlog Ideas You Need to Know – 2024 Latest

15 Best Vlog Ideas You Need to Know – 2024 Latest

The term Vlog is the short form of video log. This is a method of pictorial storytelling on anything that may interest the people. It can be an interview, a travel story or about a particular event. If you are creating a vlog, you are known as the vlogger. This is done online with the help of videos. The vlogs can be uploaded on YouTube. Currently, vlogging has evolved as one of the newest modes of entertainment.  

Top 15 Youtube Vlog Ideas for Beginners

Vlogs can be made on a variety of subjects, events or topics. Following are the 15 best vlog ideas that you can use:

1. Vlogs with instructional content:

Vlogging is fast gaining momentum as a new method of online teaching and instruction. The academic both technical and non-technical are being shown online to enable the youth and students to learn a variety of subjects. The instructional vlogs are also used to impart training, enhance technical and non-technical skills, get familiarized with a subject and get practical teaching through videos mixed with the voice. Instructional vlogs can be particularly helpful for enhancing soft skills. 

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2. Day in the life vlog:

This genre of vlog involves the depiction of a life spent in a place of aesthetic beauty and far from the madding crowd of the big cities. Such a vlog can inspire people to come near to nature and spend life peacefully. It can also show how people, in general, or in particular, spend their life. Though it includes the urban life, the main connotation of day in the life vlog implies life spent amidst nature. 

3. Vlogs about Karaoke:

This type of vlog is fast gaining popularity. In such a vlog, you have to be extra creative as the musical part forms an essential part of it. A Karaoke party in a club or pub can become a subject. Such vlogs have to be both visually and musically strong. 

4. Vlogs about challenges:

The people take a keen interest in such vlogs. Such vlogs are filled with thrills, speed and elements of what is happening next regarding a challenge that can be both risky and interesting. Often programs on throwing challenges take place in different parts of the world. Interesting vlogs can be created on such challenges. Often such vlogs turn thrilling. 

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5. Vlogs about documentaries:

Such vlogs are widely seen by people. They can be descriptive, informative and documentation of a historical place, person of eminence or anything that can evoke the viewer’s interest. They are quite popular globally. Documentary vlogs can also be about a rare item or painting by a famous painter of the past. It can be about a particular dance genre or about a school of music. In short, the documentary vlogs can be on anything and everything that can generate the interest of the viewers. 

6. Vlog collaborations:

This type of vlog is usually done by newcomers in this field. They take the help of an expert and well-known vloggers to create a vlog on any given topic or subject. The new vloggers can benefit from this collaboration with someone else. The vlogger can not only create a professional sound vlog but also get the benefit of the audience of the established vlogger. The established or experienced vlogger shares the link of the vlog online on YouTube and other social media platforms. Thus, the audience grows larger. 

7. Vlogs of motivation:

Inspirational or motivational vlogs have great value. You create such vlogs to motivate the youth or even the children. You can give the success story of a person who turned into a top business person after struggling much in life or facing a series of odds. You can vlog rags to riches stories. You can select a person for this who is quite known to highlight the person’s success story. You can also include little-known persons who have made it big but are not known to the larger audience as the media focus was not centred on that person. 

8. Vlogs about travel:

This is a very lively genre of vlogging. In such a vlog, you describe a travel destination which can be anything. It can be a famous historical place, a national park, a sandy desert or a sea shore. This type of vlog can be an integral part of the tourism industry. You can explore other Bff Video Ideas and choose the best one which suits you. In such a vlog, you may describe little-known things about a travel destination or describe the ethnic cuisine or food. You can describe the historical sites like a castle of the middle age, an ancient church or temple and a person who ruled the place in the past. 

9. Vlogs with giveaways:

A new or inexperienced vlogger may not have any revolutionary idea on a topic to create a vlog. You, on the other hand, being an experienced vlogger have new ideas, topics or suggestions. This can be very much helpful for the new and experienced vlogger. You can give your ideas for a new vlog that will be interesting to the viewers. Sometimes, a vlog on a technical subject can be obtained on payment also. This is one of the forms of giveaway vlogs. 

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10. Vlogs of Live shopping:

Such vlogs always generate interest among people. You can project a person’s shopping in a mall or sales outlet or in a famous shop. This may show some of the exotic items available there thus passing this information to future shoppers. You can show how the shopper is collecting items in the tray, moving from one shelf to the other, and sometimes talking to the people also who to are shopping and paying the bill standing in the queue. It would be very nice if mild music is blended with the scenic portrayal of the shopping of the person concerned.  

11. Vlogs about product reviews:

Such vlogs have massive advertisement value. The review of the product can help a company build a brand image that can lead to brand loyalty, ultimately. The product can be viewed on the screen with its features. Merits of such products can be mixed in voice to make it lively and easily understandable by the people. Usually, such vlogs are liked by the people as they know full details of the product and its relative importance or merits. The utility part of the product is also conveyed through pictorial means of video by the vlogger. 

12. Vacation vlogs:

Vacation is a global phenomenon. As a result, you can create a vlog on vacationing in a particular city, spot or tourist place. Such vlogs can show a large number of tourists or visitors in a given place. You describe how you reached the spot, what dishes you relished, which items you shopped and which sites you visited. You can show the mood of the vacationers. Description of children playing and a couple moving hand in hand can be very much attractive. Generally speaking, vacation vlogs are quite popular. This is because a viewer would know much about a tourist spot or a place of vacation that can be the person’s next destination of vacation.  

13. Vlogs of pranks:

The element of laughter and curiosity is always there in such vlogs. As a result, people like and see such vlogs. These types of vlogs can involve how a person can be fooled. The way of making a person afraid of something also can be a part of such prank vlogs. This is quite a popular form of vlogging. You can also make it interesting by showing how children prank. Maybe the child is engaged in a prank with a pet.  

14. Vlogs from backstage:

This can be quite interesting. Backstage means behind the scene. You can do a video of what is happening backstage over a particular theme like how a confectioner is preparing a cake. What is the maker doing and how he is mixing the ingredients to give the final shape to a cake or any patisserie? You can also video film how a stage actor is preparing for a particular scene on the stage. It can have a wide variety of topics or themes. 

15. Vlogs about events:

This is fast becoming popular as the people would always like to know about a happening which can be a dance or music programme, a public meeting held by a politician or even a natural calamity like a flood or earthquake. This type of event-based vlog has news value. People like to have an eyewitness account of a wide variety of events. 


The reason behind the popularity of vlogs at the international level stems from the fact that the viewers can view life portrayal mixed with the voice. On YouTube, hundreds of vlogs are uploaded every day. They are also being viewed by a large audience. This fact proves the popularity the vlogs are gaining. No wonder, vlogging now has turned into a global phenomenon with more and more people indulging in it.  

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