Top 17 BFF Video Ideas in 2024: Creating Memorable Moments

Top 17 BFF Video Ideas in 2024: Creating Memorable Moments

Are you looking for ways to ignite your imagination? Making interesting videos with your BFF friends by testing the best BFF video ideas can be the key to success.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an author trying to collaborate or looking for ways to increase your channel’s social profile. Making videos with your favorite friend is key to creating success with your YouTube channel. If you can get your friends involved in your channel, you will attract new viewers. That is why here we have discussed various types of videos that you can create with your Bff. 

17 Best BFF Video Ideas

Here are 17 of the most creative videos for you and your friends to experiment with. All these methods will surely help you make your fanbase larger.

#1: Prank Your BFFs

Are you planning to host the night at a friend’s home? If yes, it could make for one of the best BFF video ideas you can use to plan an impromptu prank. You should prepare your camera to record. All you have to do is come up with unique and innovative ideas to make your friends laugh. This type of video is very interesting and requires good software like Filmora to edit your videos. The best thing is that with the Wondershare coupon code, you will be able to get it at a very low price. 

#2: Start A Comedy Series

Are your friends who are creative and who are famous for comedy? If yes, then collaborate to develop an original comedy show. YouTube users are amazed by comedy series, which makes this a niche with several possibilities. There are a variety of channels made by friends who wish to launch a new show.

#3: Compare Preferences with Your Best Friend

A great way to create incredible content with your buddies is to compare your tastes. This type of video content is fascinating and simple to enjoy because it can be presented as a top-10 list.

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#4: Reenact Famous Movie Scenes

If you invite your best friend to your YouTube channel, you’ll be able to create videos that will need to be watched by more people, such as re-creating your favourite films. This intriguing idea is sure to attract all those who love cinema. Reliving one of the most famous scenes could yield hilarious outcomes.

#5: Make a Parody Video

Music videos that are lip-syncing or parodies are always very popular on YouTube. Therefore, parody music videos could draw lots of interest to the YouTube channel. Get your friends together, dress appropriately, and select songs that users are looking for.

#6: Shoot A Surprise Visit

Are you friends with someone who you’ve always wanted to meet to catch up with, but haven’t? If so, this could be the perfect moment to pay them the gift of a surprise visit. You should be sure to record their reaction on film once they walk through the door and greet them by saying that you are there.

#7: Create a reaction video

Reaction videos are all the rage on YouTube. With your best friend, it is easy to play around with the things that you’re reacting to and create a hilarious video that viewers will enjoy.

#8: Review A Film

Another type of video you can make with your friends is to review and watch an entire film. Most of the time, these types of videos are enjoyable because you can talk about them with your buddies, laugh, and just enjoy yourself.

#9: Make a DIY project

It is possible to create a fantastic DIY undertaking that you would normally struggle to tackle by yourself. When making your video, you should consider recording the process in detail and the way you plan to complete your project.

#10: Do A Sports Challenge with Your Bff

Do you and your buddies consider yourself sporty? If yes, participate in a sports challenge to see which one is the most effective. You can do football tricks or shoot 3 points. This type of content is sure to appeal to all fans of football who are looking for fresh and exciting content.

#11: Play a Game

No subject is more well-known on YouTube than gaming. Finding a BFF to help you with your YouTube videos is an ideal idea. If you want to make your YouTube channel more popular, engaging in games and activities with buddies is among the most exciting BFF ideas for videos.

#12: Create a Video Response

Have you ever read news articles or videos recently that left you feeling frustrated, inspired, or looking to be able to share your thoughts? Make a simple response video. It’s an effective method to draw the attention of viewers who have also read the actual material.

#13: Bloopers Reel

Are you in YouTube’s game for an extended period of time? If yes, then you’ve likely stumbled over a few takes. Take advantage of these by editing them into hilarious blooper reels featuring your best friend that viewers will enjoy.

#14: How-To Tutorials

How-to videos are among the most-watched types of videos available. Consider any ability you or your family members have learned. Then, you can create an outstanding video that shows your viewers how to master it on their own.

#15: Review New Products

In the case of YouTube videos, product reviews are among the most popular types of content. Many people search these videos for information before making a purchase. While beauty products and technological gadgets are popular, there are reviews for any kind of product.

#16: Cooking Or Recipe Tutorial

Another area where you can work together with your best buddy is in the kitchen. If one of you is a skilled cook, this film idea will work out perfectly. Making a dish from scratch and then uploading it is a difficult undertaking. You and your closest buddy can divide up your chores; for instance, if you decide to cook, your friend can take photos with a camera. Later, you exchange assistance during the video editing process.

In the case of YouTube videos, cooking tutorials or recipes are excellent video topics. Guide your viewers through the process of making the family’s favourite recipe, demonstrate the art of cooking, or share your most loved tips and tricks for cooking.

#17: Make Travel Videos with Your Friend

People enjoy watching new areas throughout the world for a variety of reasons, including education, amusement, and so on. This video concept is also ideal for beginning a channel with your BFF because you’ll need to buy some equipment before you can make a video, which is crucial for a vacation video channel. Traveling to new destinations can be expensive, but if you collaborate with your best buddy, you can split the costs.


There are some points for you to create a video with your BFF friends. Also, you can make YouTube videos with your friends with the help of these points. These points are very unique and new, and your best friend is also very excited to make a video with you. People are very curious to see these types of videos, and maybe you are famous on YouTube. But it depends on you.


How can I entertain my bestie?

Try planning a movie night, going for a hike, trying out a new restaurant, playing games together, or just having a cosy night with snacks and good conversation.

What should me and my BFF do?

Consider going on a road trip, attending a concert, taking a class together, volunteering, or exploring your city and trying new activities.

Can besties kiss each other?

While besties can show affection in various ways, kissing is typically seen as a romantic gesture rather than a platonic one.

What is the full form of BFF in love?

In romantic relationships, BFF often stands for “boyfriend or girlfriend forever” or “best friend forever.”

How do I make my bestie happy?

Be there for them, listen, support their goals, and consider small gestures like thoughtful texts, surprises, or fun outings.

How do you entertain a boring friend?

Suggest new activities or hobbies, ask about their interests, or simply spend quality time together having meaningful conversations.

What can I do with my bestie at night?

Stargaze, have a bonfire, play games, go for a drive, watch movies, or have a heart-to-heart chat over drinks.

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