How to Encrypt or Decrypt an SD Card? [2024]

How to Encrypt or Decrypt an SD Card? [2024]

The encryption and decryption of data are extremely important. It is possible with the help of a microSD card. 

The microSD card gives your data additional security and safety as it locks all data on the SD card to the device. SD Cards are portable and considered the safest way to preserve your personal data and files. 

Its usefulness emanates from the reason that it can be used in different electronic devices like digital cameras, tablets and Android phones. This is also growing popular to store videos, audio, and photographs. 

What is Encryption of SD Card?

It means the data stored in the SD card cannot be accessed by anyone as it is completely protected. The only way to access the data is through the use of a specific password. You can view files on your sd card using file:///sdcard/ path from your browser.

Unless your password is known to someone, the lock cannot be broken. Thus, the data remains completely safe. Once you store your data, files and videos on the SD Card, nobody can steal it without knowing the actual password. Thus, your data remains completely safe. 

What Is Decryption of SD Card?

It locks the information on your SD card to your device in its current state. If it’s lost, stolen or removed, the files won’t be read even if it is moved onto another device or computer. 

It is important to remember that you should decrypt your microSD card before opting for a Factory Data Reset option, or if you are switching to a new phone. 

It may be noted here that the decryption of your SD Card depends on how you encrypted it. You might have entered your mobile phone number for encryption. In this case, the decryption process took your personal mobile number for the authentication process. 

It is possible that you used a password instead of a mobile number for this purpose. In that case, you have to use the password, not your mobile number. 

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Is it Good to Encrypt Your SD card?

Answer: Yes, this is the best method to protect your file or data. The digital system of encryption provides a double layer of security to your files. Since the files and data are very often getting theft by hackers, the SD Card can safeguard your files through its double protection shield. 

It is always good to encrypt your SD Card to forestall any such hacking and also to save your personal files. Besides, even if your data or files are lost, you still can retrieve them for future use. Currently, the SD Card is considered a necessity to protect files. 

How to Encrypt Your Micro SD Card? 

You can encrypt your micro SD Card using your smartphone and PC. But your smartphone must have Android Driver. 

You can take the following steps to encrypt your Micro SD Card:  

Step 1: Your first step is to visit Settings and Tap the Lock screen and Security. 

Step 2: On doing so, you will find the option Encrypt SD card. 

Step-3: You should select the option Encrypt SD card.

Step 4: After selection, you are to Press Encrypt SD card button. 

Step-5: You will be asked to enter your password and PIN.

Step-6: You have to connect your SD card to Windows 10 using available options.

Step 7: Press Win + E to open File Explorer.

Step 8: Soon, your micro SD encryption process will get completed. 

With this, you have completed all the steps. 

How to Decrypt Your Micro SD Card?

The decryption process should go on a proper route involving several steps. These steps are explained below:

Step-1: Your initial step is to Navigate to Settings, Biometrics & security

Step-2: You have to Run and open the encryption tool (You can choose the R and O button for it.

Step-3: Now you have to unlock to decrypt your SD Card. You should press the Right-click of the mouse to select to unlock or decrypt the SD card.

Step-4: You have to enter a password. You can type the decryption password to unlock the SD card.

Step-5: You can now exit the encryption program. 

Step-6: Once you have followed all these steps, you can now visit and format your SD card to use it again.

It’s an easy process and anyone can follow the above-mentioned step-wise methods. 

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How to Recover Lost or Deleted Files from SD Card?

There is a digital system to recover your lost data or files that you might have deleted by mistake from the SD Card. This error of losing or deleting files takes place very often. Hence, recovery also assumes significance. 

The Disk Drill Data Recovery (DDDR) follows a particular step-by-step path. The method of DDDR can be used in the case of almost all memory cards. These steps are: 

Step-1: Your first step is to Download and install DDDR.

Step 2: Connect the SD card to your digital device or computer.

Step-3: Having taken the first two steps, you now have to Launch the application and select the SD card from among the list of disks.

Step-4: To select the data or file, you have to click the Search button to locate the data. For this, you have to scan for lost files.

Step-5: After having selected the file or data, you can do Preview and select the concerned data or file for recovery.

How Can I Tell if My SD Card is Encrypted?

Answer: There is a specific way to know this. You have to follow certain steps or methods. 

The easiest way to know this is to perform the following task in different steps:

Step-1: Switch off or power off your digital device 

Step-2: After this, eject your SD Card

Step-3: After the election of the SD Card, put it in the SD Card USB reader. 

Step-4: Against switch on or connect your PC 

Step-5: When the data or your file appears, you can find out if the encryption has been done or not.  

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How Do I Stop My SD Card from Encrypting?

Answer: The encryption can be disabled or stopped using a specific method or command. You may need to stop encryption in case your SD Card is encrypted using different tools of encryption. This process entails certain steps. 

The following are the most useful methods to stop your SD Card from encrypting: 

Step-1: In your digital device, you find the Setting Option. You have to open it. 

Step-2: Having done this, you have to open the prescribed tools for encryption.

Step-3: After opening encryption tools, you have to press right-click key to Unlock, or Decrypt SD card.

Step-4: Now enter the decryption password. 

Step-5: After the system opens following the entry of the password, you can unlock the SD card.

Step-6: After this, you are supposed to Exit the encryption program. This will disable the encryption. 

In Conclusion

The SD Cards are used to store and transfer the data or files. These are known as the most useful tools in the digital domain for storing and transfer of data. The primary utility of SD Cards is to protect and secure your digital data and files. This system does not allow theft, piracy or leakage of your personal files. This is the reason why encryption of the SD Card assumes significance in the digital domain. 

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