8 Types of Software You Will Need to Run a Business

8 Types of Software You Will Need to Run a Business

Running a business successfully often requires using a variety of pieces of software to help you carry out the required operations. Using computer software is not limited to businesses in the technology or IT industries – even if you are not working at a computer for long periods of time, you will still most likely need to use some or all of these! Here we have compiled the eight most important types of software for running a business.

Accounting and Invoicing Software

Assuming you have customers paying you money for products or services, you will need a way of sending and tracking invoices. While it is possible to type out invoices manually each time, this is far from the most efficient way to do this. Thankfully, there are many options for free and paid software for accounts payable software for keeping track of invoices and accounts!

Antivirus Software

Running a business in the 21st Century means that you will almost definitely be using the internet, most likely to communicate with clients and potential clients, as well as to advertise your services. It is especially important as a business that your security and protection against threats are up to date. Thankfully, there are plenty of free and effective antivirus solutions out there.

CRM Software

Customer relationship management software is used to store information about your customers and clients. It usually takes the form of a database, where you can search customers and find information such as contact details, any current contract start and end dates, and more. It is vital for efficiency.

Contract Management Software

Contract management software is similar to CRM software, and the two are often used alongside each other. Contract management software is designed to automate compliance checks relating to contracts and saves a lot of time and hassle! The perfect solution for when you need to put more time into other areas of your business.

Project Management Software

Project management software allows project managers to easily oversee the status of all projects that are currently being carried out. Most project management software displays each stage of a project on a simple screen so that it is easy to keep track of where everything is instead of relying on a complex chain of emails and messages across multiple computers!

Video Conferencing Software

If your business involves holding any meetings with other employees and/or clients/potential clients, video conferencing software enables you to do this remotely, saving time and money on transport to physical meetings. Some software also has screen sharing options where you can even carry out tasks on another computer from your own!

Email Marketing Software

Email marketing software enables you to carry out marketing and outreach to clients and potential clients with just the click of a button, rather than painstakingly sending out hundreds or thousands of separate emails! A lot of email marketing software features automated emailing, making things even easier.

File Backup Software

It is easy for important files to be accidentally deleted, or for damage or electrical faults to result in file corruption or loss. Therefore, backing up your files is vital. However, did you know that there is software that can help you? There are many cloud-based systems that can store your files safely!

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