5 Best Ways to Track a Cell Phone Location

5 Best Ways to Track a Cell Phone Location

You can find out remotely about someone’s cell track phone location without them knowing. Spyware development is adding new age spying features and you can extensively know a lot about a person based solely on their mobile phones.

Being a leader in the spyware industry, you can use Spyine to track a cell phone location. It is the most reliable, trustworthy and safe spying route. It tells you a lot about a person, solely based on their cell phone.

While you will certainly find more on Spyine, there are other leading spyware apps that pose a decent competition. This article will introduce the 5 best ways to track a cell phone location. 

5 Best Ways to Track a Cell Phone Location

Have you come to a point with someone where you don’t really trust what they are telling you or where they are? There are some efficient ways to curb the suspense and unearth the truth. The below 5 apps turn out to be the best ways to know the cell phone location:



When a web-based app earns accolades and recognition from prime critiques like Mashable, BBC, Tech Times and Reader’s Digest applaud an app, it has to be good. That’s what Spyine is all about. 

Trust issues can really jeopardize any relationship, but with an app as efficient and reliable as Spyine, you are never too far from the truth. Spyine will ensure the truth to you and will make the process completely safe.

Track Location

Spyine’s stealth mode makes it super efficient. If you are tracking someone’s location, you wouldn’t want them to receive alerts or pings about it. Spyine keeps your secret. The user of the cell phone wouldn’t even have a hunch about the supposed location tracking.

Spyine keeps things simple and uncomplicated and ensures that only minimum requirements are posed. Be it seeking the user’s vital data or be it rooting requirements. This app firmly believes in keeping requirements so as to ensure safety and lesser trails.

In case of an iPhone, Spyine allows you to spy the location in an absolutely remote manner. You do not need to root through the target phone at all to know someone’s GPS location. All you need is the iCloud credentials and you will have all information available for you.

In case if you want to seek the location of the Android, you would need to engage in an initial rooting through the target device. The risk here stands covered as Spyine takes up only 2 MB of cell phone space.

The app can essentially go undetected as it weighs so less. No one can even find out about it in the library of apps. It doesn’t instigate any attention because of its low weight.  Therefore, you can be totally carefree and at ease to track any device’s location with Spyine.  

Spyine’s functionalities are not just restricted to finding someone’s location, there is a lot you can do with it. You can have a holistic picture of someone’s cell phone. You can see all their interactions, social media engagements, deleted and drafted texts, emails and etc.



Neatspy is also a promising web based spy app that allows its users to spy on someone’s location by virtue of their cell phone. It is also a good alternative when it comes to spying through cell phones. With a  stealth mode, the process is anonymous and safe.

Neatspy also does not require any rooting or jailbreaking that needs to be done through the target phone. With a wide array of services and plans available, Neatspy is garnering an increasing patronage.



ClickFree is a simple and hassle free way of spying on someone’s location based on the cell phone. Amidst the very many spyware apps available in the industry, Spyine is a very good alternative. The interface is convenient and procedures are simple.

Anyone with basic knowledge of spyware can work effortlessly with ClickFree. It also has good spying plans to choose from and a variety of other functionalities that makes it popular. Protection of user interests is also a constant deliverable of this app.



Even though Minspy is a relatively new entrant in the spyware circuit, it has definitely managed to garner a loyal fan base. . Even prime and prominent critics like Forbes, PCMag, TechRadar, etc. gave Minspy a good functionality review.

Minspy is a fast and reliable way to track someone’s location from their cell phone. It is easy to use and operate. It doesn’t involve a hefty set of procedures to become operational. It is a rather safe and secure way of ensuring that the purpose is served with minimum risks. 



Spyic has a global and cosmopolitan fan base in the cell phone location tracking industry. It also has a bespoke stealth mode that makes Spyic a safe proposition for spying. With a good user interface, operating Spyic is relatively easy.

Spic has a global recognition and wide spread fan base. Every spying feature you can think of is provided by Spyic. Hence, it sweeps into the top 5 list of best location tracking softwares.


While you can trust and use Spyine to track a cell phone location, the other apps also pose good alternatives that can make a difference. You can definitely seek more on Spyine and other stated apps as compared to other major spyware in the market.

When it comes to the point of checking someone’s location, the process has to be safe and reliable. You can select your desired app drawing comparisons based on your technological know-how, available plans and trustworthiness of the app. 

The apps are safe to operate and engage with. Amidst the plethora of apps that have more malware and phishing issues, these apps only claim what they can do, and do as has been claimed.


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