How to Track A Cell Phone Location Without Touching It

How to Track A Cell Phone Location Without Touching It

Do you keep worrying about the safety of your close ones until they are back home? I also used to be worried about my daughter all the time whenever she was out late. This world is very unsafe, and I wished to be there to protect her in case of trouble or a bad influence.

It is not possible to accompany people to ensure their safety, but you can always track their whereabouts. This is why I searched all over the internet to find a credible option that can help us watch out for our close ones. A solution that would track without even notifying the person.

I found a way to track my kid remotely, which assured her safety whenever the situations looked doubtful. Such an application can prove to be useful for you too. So, read on to know more about how to track other’s phone location using this amazing application.

Part 1: How Can We Access Someone’s Real-Time Location Remotely?

It would’ve been a very difficult and tedious task to track somebody’s location remotely in earlier times. However, since we have GPS technologies, it has become easy to allow real-time tracking. With constant updates, the details of the location it provides reliable data.

This makes the task easy. However, there’s a risk involved with notifying the device that is being tracked. This is where Minspy can prove to be highly useful. With Minspy, you can locate a cell phone discreetly, safely, and efficiently.

Minspy has the right set of tools and features that gives you access to the person’s location in real-time. This GPS phone tracking solution can prove to be helpful to you too!

1.1 Minspy: A One-Stop Solution For Safe And Efficient Location Tracking

Minspy allows the user to track the GPS location of the person without jailbreaking into their phone. It is a trusted application that is used by millions of people around the globe. It efficiently hacks the person’s device and provides you real-time updates on its dashboard.

This way, you can keep an eye on the person effortlessly and ensure their safety.


This spy application is recognized for its credibility by some well-known reviewers as well. These include iGeek, Forbes, CNET, Toms Guides, Life Hacker, etc. Thus, Minspy is one of the best options available to track the location of someone’s phone without letting them know.

This application has over 35 features that make it unique, efficient, and versatile. The users are not obligated to share their details, which enhances the amount of safety for the user’s identity.

Minspy is available as a web-based solution and a software application. The user can choose to either download the app or run the application online. Also, it does not require downloading of any host application on the person’s device for establishing a connection.

1.2 What Makes Minspy The Best Tracking Application Available?

Minspy is loaded with the latest technology and powerful features that allow effective tracking and monitoring. It is compatible with iOS devices as well as Android, which makes it accessible to everyone.

It does not put any age restrictions on the user or asks for the user’s details. Other than these, the following features make this application the best available tool for tracking someone’s location. 

Spy discreetly

Minspy doesn’t seek details of the user except for an email address. It does not reveal your operation to anyone, neither does it notify the person’s being tracked. It works discreetly and conceals your activities.

No jailbreak or rooting

This application efficiently sneaks into the other person’s device without rooting or jailbreaking. Thus, without compromising on the safety of the device, you can keep monitoring the person and ensure their safety.

Track effortlessly

Minspy provides a user-friendly application loaded with a variety of features to choose from. The user does not require a technical background to understand its features and functions. 

cell phone location

Occupies little or no space

This application can be accessed using its web-interface, which is compatible with every device and occupies no memory. Also, it is available in the form of a software application that requires just 2 MB of space.

Runs in the background

Minspy occupies little or no memory, which makes its presence difficult to detect. It runs in the background and doesn’t drain the device’s battery much.

No host application needed

Minspy does not require a host application on the device needed to be tracked. It only requires your device with an active internet connection to establish a connection. 

Constant updates

This application constantly works in the background, and the user can easily monitor any developments. It does this by providing real-time updates of the person on its dashboard.

Social media hacking

One of the special features of this application includes social media hacking. This allows you to spy on the person’s social media handles without knowing their passwords. You can check the texts, contacts, key logs, browsing history, and other online activities too.

minspy facebook spy

1.3 What Are The Steps Required To Get Started With Minspy?

You can set up your Minspy account in just a few minutes and get started with cell-phone tracking. Either you can use the web-interface or download iOS and Android compatible apps on your device.

Follow the steps below to get started:

minspy sign up

Step 1- Open the application

Open the Minspy official website and sign up to make your account. It will register your email address, which will also be your username.

minspy homepage

Step 2- Choose the subscription plan

You can purchase the monthly subscription that accommodates your requirements. The Premium plan will allow tracking of one device only, and a Family/Corporate plan will allow tracking multiple devices.

Step 3- Pick your target platform

Further, it provides you a choice between iOS and Android to choose as the target platform. You can choose accordingly and get started.

Summing Up

It is normal to worry about your close ones when the outside world is unsafe and highly unpredictable. Being cautious and prepared is always a good choice. Minspy is a robust application that knows your worries and provides you a one-stop solution.

It helps you stay assured with remote and discreet cell-phone tracking. This application easily syncs with the device and starts operating within minutes. It will constantly update you with reliable information, thereby keeping you informed and stress-free.

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