Tips for engaging children in healthy activities during the lockdown

Tips for engaging children in healthy activities during the lockdown

Ever since major lockdown in several countries across the globe, parents are struggling with managing a healthy routine for their kids. No wonder this pandemic has blocked the functionality of this world completely. Restraining yourself within the four walls of the house is the right option but not very healthy for the kids. Young age is the time when little munchkins go through mental and physical changes. Here are a few tips for engaging your kids in health activities during this time:

1. Encourage Physical Activities at Home

Keep in mind; the lockdown is expected to last for another few months, so it is imperative that you set up physical activities at home. If you work out, engage your kid’s in-home workout. Youtube is the best platform to take inspiration from. Download a home workout video for kids and encourage them to exercise. Teach them the importance of staying fit and active to fight COVID 19.

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2. Build Home School

Education is very important, and there is no wisdom in keeping your kids away from their studies during the lockdown. You can download math worksheets, science facts sheets, and a lot more from the internet to improve their IQ level. Set up a school corner in the house and decorate it with different stuff. If your kids are obsessed with coloring, allow them to do wall painting in the house.

3. Infuse Healthy Eating Habits

This lockdown is the best time to teach kids about healthy eating. With fast food being the king of the food industry, it is tough to teach healthy eating habits. With COVID 19 being omnipresent, tell your children about eating the right food so they can build strong muscles to fight this disease. If you continue to buy crisps and processed food items during this time as well, your children will never understand the importance of quality life. 

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