Mobile Market Write For Us

Mobile Market Write For Us

The analysis of indicators on downloads and revenue of non-gaming applications technology in the App Store and Google Play allows us to draw conclusions about the development trends of the mobile market in Russia and the whole world, as well as understand which categories of applications it is profitable to monetize through built-in purchases.

This review does not take into account advertising revenue but considers the number of first paid installations, in-app purchases, and subscriptions.

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  1. The application market is growing and will continue to grow

The number of smartphones in the world will double in the next 3-4 years and amount to more than 6 billion devices. This will increase the capacity of the markets of developing countries and their attractiveness to publishers.

Revenues will continue to grow at the expense of developed countries, as users in these countries spend more time in applications. So, for example, the growth of 2016 to 2015 for this indicator amounted to 25% (App Annie’s own data on Android devices).

  1. The growth of the World Mobile market in the international context

There are developing countries that are ahead of Russia in terms of download growth rates – India, China, Indonesia. However, with the exception of these three countries, if we consider markets with comparable download volumes, the rest of the countries either grow more slowly (Brazil, Turkey) or even reach a plateau (Mexico, most developed countries).

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In terms of the number of downloads, Many countries still occupies with different places, behind the USA, China, India, and Brazil.

The easiest way to know the top 13 countries by income is to look at the top 13 countries by GDP according to the IMF and replace India with Taiwan in this list. The places of specific countries in these two ratings will differ slightly, but you will get a general idea.

In order to maintain positions and continued growth, content social networks need to ensure a stable indicator of user retention either by adding new functionality or by attracting a new target audience and increasing overall reach.

Tencent News ranks first in the top with 23% market penetration and an average DAU of 91 million. It is followed by the well-known Jinri Toutiao with a coefficient of 20% and DAU of 106 million.

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