5 Significant Benefits of a Maintenance Software

5 Significant Benefits of a Maintenance Software

The buzz word for every maintenance team is ‘Stop being Reactive, adapt the Preventive Mechanism.’

Imagine a scenario – Employees of a large organization, come to the office to complete major tasks. They start working, and within a few hours, work stops due to asset breakdown. The maintenance team rushes to the situation, takes an hour to identify the problem, and the rest of the day to resolve. In this scenario, the productivity of the employees who had come to work is zero for that day.

All of us have faced similar situations in our workplaces; on the face value, it might appear to be a day of productivity loss, but when such instances are repeated over a period, they become a massive liability for an organization. Further, these instances show the lack of sustainable maintenance strategy that could have avoided breakdown. Thus, to run a healthy and obstruction-free operation, companies need to switch from a reactive maintenance policy to a preventive maintenance approach.

What is the preventive maintenance approach?

As the name suggests, Preventive Maintenance is performed while the assets are in the working condition. This is done to avoid any unplanned machine idle time. With reactive maintenance, the cost of repair and the cost of the unproductive working day is enormous, with a preventive approach, these two high costs can be minimized. In simple terms, a preventive maintenance approach focuses on fixing the assets even before they breakdown.

How can maintenance software solve the most significant problems of maintenance teams?

Every asset goes through wear and tear; they require maintenance after several working hours when this maintenance is not given to the machines; they result in a breakdown. Maintenance software is more than just about maintaining records; the software is designed to send timely notifications on the maintenance of every asset so that the technicians can be reminded of their maintenance activity and act accordingly.

Further, with the help of maintenance software, problems related to assets can be logged in immediately. For instance, if the manager at a factory notices that a piece of machinery is creating a peculiar sound, they can log this error using the mobile-based maintenance software. The technicians will be instantly notified about the problem, and timely action can be taken.

Let’s look at some of the biggest benefits of using technology-based maintenance management:

  1. Brings more transparency

The maintenance software empowers the facility managers by giving them a stronger hold on the maintenance team. The software provides more transparency, helping the managers gain full control over all the activities, ensuring the smooth completion of tasks on time.

  1. Increased Labour Productivity

Since the software can track and plan the workflow systematically and efficiently, ensuring proper work allocation of the labor force. Further, with reduced downtime, laborers can work without interruptions and enhance the unit’s overall productivity.

  1. Instant Reporting & Effective Analysis

With the help of maintenance software, data can be made available in minutes; further, the software can draw useful insights from the data and present it in the form of graphical dashboards to the organization. Based on these reports, organizations can make critical decisions.

  1. Get Real-time Notifications

The mobile-based maintenance software provides real-time notifications in case of any discrepancies in the unit’s performance. Based on these notifications, the maintenance team can take quick actions and fix things before they become serious.

  1. Manages Safety Data & Audit

For any company, the safety of the workforce is a topmost priority. Working on a damaged asset can sometimes lead to big accidents, additionally if inflammable articles remain unattended just as it happened in Beirut, where an unsafe chemical Ammonium Nitrate was left unattended in the warehouse, since 2014. The chemical led to a dangerous explosion that killed 100’s of people and left many injured. Perhaps this situation could have been avoided with proper audit, where the presence of this chemical could be identified. It could be removed from the warehouse before the damage happened. Thus, to avoid such accidents, maintenance software is a helpful tool.

The Final Word:

Every department has its own goals; the maintenance software helps every team achieve their goals by simplifying their tasks and providing valuable data. Companies that use this software have seen a considerable boost in productivity and profits.

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