Mind-Boggling Awesome Breguet Watches 2021

Mind-Boggling Awesome Breguet Watches  2021

Breguet is famous for making mind-boggling awesome and innovative timepieces for generations, still enjoying a positive success rate. During his journey in making the world’s most innovative and precise watch, the brand’s collection has been filled with numerous timepieces , each with a more unique and exceptional feature. Breguet watches are always equipped with optimal quality materials.

Breguet is a company known for its passion for making utilitarian timepieces and for its great invention. The brand’s inventory is filled with the number of inventions by the brand. Each time the world was shocked by the brand’s discoveries. This collection contain the invention like parachute, tourbillon, and perpetual calendar, etc. 

Today we’ll be exploring the most-distinctive timepieces in this range and see what’s so special about it.

Marine Haute Joaillerie 9509 Poseidonia

The colorful timepiece in the series is the Marina Haute, this timepiece has elegant and attractive colorful strips with linked gems over the dial and these gems are studded over the bezel ring. 

All of that is covered over a case of pure white gold to ensure the quality rate of this timepiece that remains high all the time. A total of 270 gems is finely studded over this wristwatch that reflects a beautiful look. 

Colored sapphire and diamonds with the white gold case is what makes this timepiece an exclusive Breguet edition. This timepiece is available in different versions with the same design but different in materials and rubies. 


The technical specification of this timepiece is not less than to be the best luxury watch based on an automatic self-winding mechanism. The power reserve time of this timepiece is 38 hours. The escapement of the caliber is based on Silicon in-line Swiss Lever escapement. This is all embedded within a case 591C manufactured by more than 150 individual parts. 

The case is built with white gold that enhances its charm over which we can see the anti-reflective sapphire crystal and the case back is also sapphire. 

Marine Chronographe 5527

The innovative timepiece in the brand’s series of enhanced utilitarian timepieces is the 5527 . This timepiece was launched recently and is enjoying a positive sales rate. the watch is equipped with futuristic technology with a traditional touch of Breguet Watches.


The main feature of this timepiece is the water resistance level, it has to be robust enough to withstand water pressure even under greater water depths, and yes it does, it can survive easily to the 100 meters depth. The mentioned depth is always less than for how much it can survive so to ensure the longevity and durability of this timepiece. 

This wristwatch is also covered with enhanced legibility factors with optimized luminescent material used on the bold dial. 

582QA is what this watch is powered off, A high-end automatic movement based caliber only used in special timepieces , The straight-line lever made it easier to be used over a long time on your wrist without any worries of getting it taken off. The white gold case is such a rich feature of this timepiece. 

It is specially designed for divers which can be expressed through the layers of waters engraved on the dial. The date complication is also embedded in the dial of this watch. The chronometers are based on COSC certified caliber.

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Classique 7337

The creative version of the Breguet is simply named as the Classique 7337 . The technicalities in this timepiece are specially designed at home and tested under different stages to ensure the reliability factor. 


 This timepiece is featured with multiple complications including moon phase and off-center chapter ring, split seconds dial, has and Calendar blocks embedded in this timepiece. 

The water resistance level of this timepiece is about 30 meters which is enough for a person for an active lifestyle. The timepiece before being public was tested under a real-life environment and was considered to be one of the most complicated timepiece ever build that has a this much smooth flow even in intense conditions.

The Classique is powered by 502.3 QSE1 calibers based on more than 250 individual parts. 

The round case shape looks fascinating in the silver-toned over a blue dial and when it is equipped with a black leather strap, the elegance gets doubled.

The self-winding and Breguet hands are the inventions that are featured in this timepiece.

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