Creating A Photo Slideshow With Music For Free: Things You Need To Know About

Creating A Photo Slideshow With Music For Free: Things You Need To Know About

Photo slideshows are a straightforward way to make a slideshow with pictures and music. The new generation admires it so much that they use it whenever they need to make moments special for their friends. Photo slideshows with music in the background are a great way to put your great memories and turn them into a unique collection. Showing off your portfolio or showing someone how much you love them you care for them is what a photo slideshow will do for you.

What is closest to saying “I love you” just as the visual representation of many of your most significant memories with an incredibly romantic tune in the background. No matter if you are wishing birthday to your friends or so kissing your love for your loved ones, the photo slideshow videos are the best thing you can have. If you are bored and you have a few photos to lie around, you can easily make a photo slideshow with those pictures. Hence proved making photo slideshow videos with music in the background can be one of the best pass times for you as well. You know you might end up making a beautiful art piece that you can show off your share with your friends later.

However, if you haven’t edited one single slideshow in your lifetime till now, your project can crash-land on the ground even before taking off properly. Here we enter the scene. We are here to guide you in the right direction so that you can safely take off from the ground. There are many video editors for YouTube that can help you to make your first slideshow show video.

opt before we jump in the net, you will need to write a music track for your slideshow, right? You can browse a music library for that on the internet and choose your favorite songs to keep a new video.

Now here are a few steps you should follow through if you want to make a successful slideshow with background music. Check out the steps to properly make a slideshow video with free music in the background.

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Download the application for free

There are many photo slideshow makers with music available in the market. Any of them will help you to make the best photo slideshow with music in the background. However, it is always going to be your choice. Check out the different applications available in the market, check the various aspects they offer if you are taking a photo slideshow video with them. These things are essential before you opt for a photo slideshow maker to work with. This way you will have all the advantages and disadvantages of different photo slideshow video maker applications, and you will know which application is best suited for your work. There are some photos slideshow video makers only available for windows-based PC with Win Vista or higher versions of it. How do you have to keep your network connection on all this time to make the application work correctly?

Adding photos

Now that you have downloaded an incredible photo slideshow maker application, you are willing to start working with the app right away. Henceforth here are some steps you need to follow after downloading the app to begin your project. First, you might like to choose all the photos you want to keep in your first slideshow and keep them in a separate folder. Then you should open the application and select the photos option. Then you can choose the photos from your gallery and start editing. If you want the pictures you are editing to be in a particular order, you can try alphabetical or numerical order for that.

Reading music

Now, this is the essential part of the slideshow making project you are working on. You can add an audio track for this light show you have made with the application you were using. Always remember that these applications will only allow you to download and use the non-protected sounds only. You cannot use the protected sounds or music or song because that may make you accused of plagiarism. Once you are done with choosing the music added in the background of your slideshow. Then you should click the OK button. After that, you will get a preview of your work, save it if you have loved it, make the preferred changes when you think it is important.

Set the final settings

Once you are done adding the music, here comes the essential part of making the whole project a success. There are just a few last settings left that are very important if you want to make it a great slideshow. You have to choose this style of how you want the pictures to be shown to your viewers. You should click the button with an extension. You can select the form of the presentation, whether it is a mobile phone, a laptop, a tablet, or even when you are uploading it online. You can also choose if you want to keep the video in the MP4 version, 3GP version, HQ, or any other quality you want.

Make a slideshow with music

Now that you have done everything, your slideshow is ready. Now you can present your slideshow in front of people and your viewers. Share it with your friends and family. Send it to the birthday boy or girl, all to your loved ones, for whoever you have made it to express your love for them. To amaze you this software comes for free using a coupon. Adding music to the slideshow and presenting it as your first ever slideshow project will be an excellent thing for you even if you needed for official purposes.

Many slideshow making applications can help you to make slideshow videos with music in the background. However, if you ask us for a recommendation, we will suggest you go for the Invideo slideshow making applications. Try them today.

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