Can Acuity Scheduling Drive More Profit?

Can Acuity Scheduling Drive More Profit?

Necessity is the mother of all inventions. And how true it has proved for Acuity Scheduling!

Yep, we are talking about the automated scheduling software application.

Gavin Zuchilinski is the man who developed this automated platform for scheduling.

Gavin’s mother was a professional therapist and was running a massage therapy center in her city. Though she was doing well enough with her business, there was definitely room to grow.

Despite spending a lot of time handling the scheduling of her appointments, she was unable to organize it efficiently and was wasting lots of time she could be using to see more customers.

When Gavin realized this, he decided to build the software by himself and successfully developed a unique product in 2006. The product not only helped his mother organize out her appointment bookings more easily but since then, it has also helped over 50K professionals around the world manage their businesses better.

He named this cloud-based software Acuity Scheduling.

Who Is Acuity Scheduling For?

From the background of the product development initiative, it is pretty clear that the product was developed considering the requirement of small businesses only. However, over time with continuous improvements, the software now finds its use in small to medium-sized businesses as well.

Many businesses are growing alongside Acuity Scheduling. They began their solo-enterprise entrusting their scheduling requirements to Acuity. And many years later, as many of them have grown, handling a sizable staff under them and spreading their businesses across the world, they still find Acuity Scheduling a trustworthy partner to take care of their scheduling tasks.

Thanks to its presence in over 36 prominent locations across the world, the software is capable of providing the same level of service to many locations across the globe.

The customized pricing ensures that there is an option no matter the size of your business.

Features of Acuity Scheduling

Calendar Syncing

Acuity can sync with varied calendars, including Google and iCloud calendars.

In addition, you can select the percentage of slots that you want to show or hide to your customers and look busier than what you really are.

The other option with the calendar booking is that you can allow open slots to be visible to your clients only after a current appointment.

Moreover, with multiple appointments, you can book any type of appointment on your calendar.

Customer Friendly

You can provide your customers access to the scheduling page where the client can book, advance, postpone or cancel appointments on the scheduling page themselves.

Appointment Alert

With this feature, you can receive notifications whenever any customer schedules an appointment. You can, further, link the booking details with the clients’ e-mails or messaging app to send those prior reminders about the scheduled appointment.

The notifications is a huge reason that the platform increases revenue. When you can remind the client or make it super easy for them to reschedule, they are more likely to keep or make an appointment and that translates to more revenue.

Easy Payment Processing

The software is integrated with many payment gateways like PayPal and more. This ensures that you never have to follow up on your payments.

Promote It

You can promote your services with your customers using multiple marketing tools available with the software. Thereby, you can attract new clients and hold on to the existing ones.

You can design unique offers, discounts packages, or gift certificates for your customers.

Know Your Customer 

The intake form feature enables you to collect a lot of useful information about your clients.

The customers can provide their information using any options among drop-down lists,

Text boxes, checkboxes, images or documents, etc.

Accessing Information

Being a cloud-based system, all the data related to your customers are located in one place. This enables you to retrieve the required data of your customers very easily and quickly.

Also, you can use the application filters to retrieve valuable information about the customers, their activity levels, history of appointments, payment status & history, etc.

Further, the financial reports can provide you valuable information on sales and profits generated at the client level. These reports can also be used in analyzing the effectiveness of various marketing tools deployed to attract business.

Wider & Deeper Integration

You name the application and it is available. Yes, with over 80 3rd party applications integrated with Acuity you can do just about anything you need.

PayPal, WordPress, Facebook, Zoom, and WordPress, etc. are a few of those integrating partners that allow Acuity customers great flexibility.

If that was not enough, the application can go deeper by using APIs and enabling further integration.


Acuity is super-easy to use and setup. Just fill some simple information, and that’s it! You are ready to go all out to schedule your hours, days, weeks, and months with your clients.

You can then share your scheduling page link to your customers.

The simple and straightforward interface allows for an easy and quick set up of the application. You can easily browse through all the self-explanatory menu items to get familiar with each function and use it as per your functional need.

How can you drive more profits with Acuity Scheduling?

Going through the above features, it is clear that you can earn more money with Acuity Scheduling in many ways,

  • With Acuity Scheduling, you can almost completely automate your scheduling and focus your attention more on your revenue generating work.
  • There are multiple tools to ensure your client remembers their appointment, or can easily reschedule if they cannot make it, increasing the chow percentage for all set appointments.
  • Moreover, you can use Acuity to design your marketing tools to attract clients and hold onto the existing customers. It will help you widen your customer base and, in turn, more earnings and profits for your business.
  • You can analyze your clients’ data and study their behavior patterns. Based on the outcome of the analysis, you can modify your sales & marketing strategy to suit your clientele.


Acuity Scheduling is compatible with the following system applications.

  • Android OS
  • iOS
  • Desktop Browser

Acuity Scheduling- Price

Acuity offers 4 plans for its customers with different features. You can visit their Official Website to know the latest offers and more details about each plan.

Free TrialFree sign up7 days7 days7 days

This feature-rich all-powerful application offers great convenience in managing your business. You do not need to mess around with scheduling and rescheduling your appointments and waste your valuable time and efforts that you can put into earning profits from your business.

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