The Americans Have Admitted That They Use a Spy App for Android to Keep Track of Their Loved Ones

The Americans Have Admitted That They Use a Spy App for Android to Keep Track of Their Loved Ones

It has been admitted by a large number of Americans that they are using a spy app for android like Hoverwatch etc. to track the activities of their loved ones. The information provided hereunder can help you to know more in this regard.

The spy app is now available to more than just spies

It has been revealed through a survey conducted by NortonLifeLock, an antivirus developing company that today everyone can use a spy app for android on the mobile device of his/her employees, child, life partner as well as business partners not only to track their location and activities but to ensure their security also, in case their mobile phone is being used irresponsibly.

Sometimes tracking a person through a spy app like Hoverwatch can be dangerous as you will be breaching their privacy. But if you want to rack someone then you can find a variety of spy apps in the market to choose from.

NortonLifeLock statistics and research on the use of a hidden spy application

The statistics collected by NortonLifeLock through various studies have revealed that a hidden spy app for android is used by one out of ten Americans to record the conversation on the phone calls, and collect information from the text messages received or sent from that particular phone.

Who uses the app more often than men or women?

According to this survey, spy apps are used by men and women both to track the activities of their personal as well as professional contacts. But the number of men users is nearly double the number of women users of spy apps for android.

Normally, nearly 29% of men use spy apps like Hoverwatch to track their contacts and partners without their consent by tracking their contact list and browsing history. However, these apps are used for similar purposes by nearly 21% of women.

Normally these apps are used for monitoring the activities of their kids, employees, and relationships but they can also help in ensuring their security from theft as well as irresponsible use of their mobile devices.

Spy App

Why do Americans trust the spy app for android Hoverwatch? 

The spy app for android, Hoverwatch is trusted by most of the Americans due to various reasons.

  • One of the main reasons for trusting Hoverwatch is its use for monitoring a variety of mobile devices including tablets, Smartphones, and laptops, etc. It allows you to monitor the devices without the consent of their users. That is why it is also known as spyware.
  • You can use certain features of Hoverwatch to track and record messages and phone calls received and made from the target phone along with tracking its location as well as informing you about the change of SIM of that device. It also allows you to get the screenshots of the device along with viewing the pictures clicked from that device, track and record the files and messages shared on various social media platforms like Viber, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, etc.
Americans trust the spy app for android
Americans trust the spy app for android
  • Americans also trust spy app Hoverwatch because it is easy to install and use for tracking the targeted device. You have to open a free account on the website of Hoverwatch by submitting your personal information including email address and password.
  • After downloading and installing this app on the target phone you can start recording messages and calls made and received on it and monitoring its location through your account. It also allows you to see the screenshots of the target device along with reviewing the history of the use of the internet from that device. Thus, you can start spying a targeted device without being visible to its users.

Domestic violence or partner security

Today, men and women throughout the world are widely using spy apps for android, Hoverwatch, to monitor the activities of their partners, more particularly in the event of violence in the domestic setup. The main reason behind using this app for monitoring spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend is due to the increasing incidents of domestic violence.

Domestic violence

This application can be used in such cases to read messages and listen to the calls made and received by them along with tracking the location of their partners. Thus, this app allows them to control the physical, emotional and digital life of their partner to a great extent.

In many cases, these spy apps are also used by men and women to ensure the security of their partners apart from spying the abusive partners. With the consent of their partner, they can install Hoverwatch on their mobile device. It will help you in protecting your partner in case of any emergency as the app will allow you to know his/her location as well as listen to their conversation.

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The legal issue of using a mobile spy app is still open

  • In many states of the US, recording a conversation without the consent of one of the conversing parties is seriously a punishable offense. However, the legitimacy of using a hidden spy app for android can be different in different circumstances.
  • If the spy app is used by parents to ensure the security of their child by monitoring their activities on their mobile devices then it is legal. They can use the information provided by this app to provide security to their child in case of any emergency.
  • However, the laws of states have restricted the legitimacy of using spy apps for the employers if they use it to record the conversation of their employees.
  • But in the US and various other countries, it is illegal to use a hidden spy app for monitoring the spouses without their consent.


In this way, anyone can use Hoverwatch, a hidden spy app for android, to track the activities of their relationships, employees, and contacts. These apps can also be used legally if you take the permission of the user of the device you want to monitor. But if you want to use it as a parent to track the activities of your child without being noticed by him then it is legal even if you are using it without his consent.

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