Disadvantages of Wireless Car Chargers

Disadvantages of Wireless Car Chargers

Anything that has advantages has its fair share of disadvantages. And a wireless car charger is no exception to this rule. All in all, many people are using a wireless car charger every day. It saves them the hustle of looking for a charger in the office, or having to wait a long time at home when your device is charging.

With a wireless car charger, you can always charge your phone on the go. But just what could make such a handy gadget disadvantageous? Well, here are some reasons we found that may discourage you from a wireless car charger. But still, we don’t think they beat the advantages of having this gadget.


While most wireless car chargers are compatible with everyday devices, they may not serve others. Some users have noted an issue with using their wireless car charger to charge a specific phone.

Experts argue that these chargers differ in quality and this could be the problem. That’s why it’s advisable for you to purchase the right quality of a wireless car charger. Buying a no-name brand could be the factor causing this problem. Always purchase from notable brands in the industry.

Some people have even reported mishaps while charging certain devices. For instance, overheating is one report that cuts across devices. If you want to avoid such cases, always check the compatibility before buying and using the wireless car charger. If you’re unsure, then ask the retailers.


When using a wireless car charger, mobility is limited in some way. For instance, you can’t move around with your phone or lift it away from the pad. Well, unless you don’t want it to charge, you’ll have to leave it on the pad for a certain period.

In addition, since the charger stays plugged in at all times inside the car, you can’t lift both of them when you want your phone boosted while moving around. But the solution here is to get a power bank in all honesty. You can always charge your phone when in transit using a wireless car charger and a power bank when outside.

Performance Concerns

Some people argue that a wireless car charger misses some level of efficiency when compared to conventional chargers. Some of these wireless chargers fail to reach the level of performance met by the typical wired chargers, mostly in terms of speed.

However, the provision of modern chargers that can perform just as well as the conventional ones counters this. The only current problem is overheating from the wireless chargers, which surpasses that of the conventional chargers. But overheating mostly comes with long term usage of the device.

Less Convenient With a Busy Life

For people who don’t spend much time inside their cars, then a wireless car charger might not be the best option to maintain a juiced up device. It may help charge your phone when you’re on transit, but how long will that take? Probably you’re in your car for about an hour or so max.

People who are always moving might fancy a power bank instead. But on the flip side, if you’re the type that enjoys road trips and moments inside the vehicle, then a wireless car charger is still very much convenient.

After all, a wireless car charger is affixed at one point, and you don’t have to carry it around like a power bank. Avid travelers will tell you this.

Not all Phones Charge with a Wireless Car Charger

Just the same way, not all phones have a USB type C, not all phones use a wireless car charger. Some only support wired charging. Nonetheless, manufacturers are quickly advancing, and we’re beginning to see even ordinary phones with the Qi wireless charging capability. Initially, this was only a privilege set aside for high-end phones.

Very soon, we will begin to see cheaper and mid-range devices having the Qi wireless charging capability.

Wireless Car Charger Costs More

When compared to their wired counterparts, the wireless car charger variant costs more. You need to be ready to spend slightly higher to get it if you wish to do so. Maybe with time, manufacturers will make the wireless chargers more cost-effective. But for now, many prefer the wired version due to the lower price.

But in all honesty, the convenience that you get from a wireless car charger is unmatched. For instance, with the wireless variant, you don’t have to worry about tangling wires anymore. Also, you can lift your phone with ease anytime you want to use it. This is as opposed to the wired chargers that may end up damaging your charging sockets when you pull aggressively – let’s say to receive a call.

Final Thoughts

In summary, those are some of the disadvantages of a wireless car charger. But the thing is – the benefits outweigh these disadvantages. So, make your choice.

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