What Makes a Great IT Consulting Firm

What Makes a Great IT Consulting Firm

We all have stories of great consultants we’ve worked with and then the not so great we’ve also had to deal with. What makes a great consulting team is usually a blend of several things. Yes, they need to understand the technology but there’s also something about their approach and mindset. However, you’ll come across a range of styles depending on the company and country they work in. So how does this apply to software companies in New York?

Regardless of whether you’re in New York, though, great consulting is a bit of an art form. Knowledge and expertise is important but it’s the soft skills that often make or break the great ones. Consultants need to be able to listen deeply. This includes not just listening to what you’re saying but also to all the unsaid things. You’ll know the great ones when they can translate what’s in your head into something you barely know how to articulate. They understand you and you click such that working with them is both a partnership and a joy. 

Top Themes of Great IT Software Companies in New York and Elsewhere 

Everyone has slightly different criteria when it comes to rating IT software companies in New York or elsewhere. However, most will agree on the following key themes: 

  •     Communication  
  •     Digital Offering
  •     Innovation
  •     Methodology

How you rate and prioritize each theme will depend on your business challenges. Perhaps you operate in a highly competitive sector and innovation is by far your top priority? Alternatively, you might have a particular style of team and it’s important for them to collaborate well with the IT software company you choose. In that case, perhaps methodology becomes your main focus. Either way, you’ll know what blend of each of these themes works for you and your teams. 


At the end of the day, we are dealing with people. Whether you’re working with software companies in New York or elsewhere, it’s important that you can trust your software consultants. Do they know how to actively listen and translate your needs into technical specifications? There’s nothing more frustrating than someone who simply regurgitates their standard product list without explaining how it can be applied to your business.

Software companies in New York and across the world need to make sure that they have strong problem solvers who are technically savvy. Their consultants need to be able to use these skills to guide you and advise you on the best solution for your challenges. The art is to learn how to leverage different technologies to tailor solutions that work for you today and for the future.

Digital Offering

Clearly, all the great software companies in New York have a range of digital technologies that they offer. This is of course also the case in other well-known software hubs such as California and other countries across the world. Regardless of who you choose to be your IT consulting firm, they need to have various teams with a range of technical expertise. Different challenges require different applications, whether these are custom software development services or AI, machine learning, mobile and web apps or other automation solutions. 


Innovation is at the core of competitive advantage and it comes in many forms. It’s therefore important for software companies in New York and elsewhere to incorporate innovation into their day-to-day lives. That way, they can stay ahead of the curve.

Product development, artificial intelligence and analytics are all part of innovation. Whether you’re looking for operational efficiency or exponential growth, an innovative software company is more likely to find you your unique solution.


 Many of us now know agile development, but it’s not just a process. It’s also a mindset. Working with someone who can be flexible and who can adapt to changing needs makes such a difference. Software projects evolve and it’s important to have a software company who knows how to respond accordingly in order to optimize your implementation plan.

There are many methodologies out there, including agile, scrum and lean, amongst others. However, it almost doesn’t matter which one the software companies in New York and elsewhere use. What matters is that they have several approaches that they can tailor to work with your problems and goals. 


Final Thoughts on What Makes Great IT Software Companies in New York and Elsewhere

There’s no such thing as the perfect company or the perfect team. However, you can still find the perfect firm for your needs. There are pros and cons everywhere but as long as you can trust and communicate openly and honestly with your chosen IT consulting team then you’ll find a way forward.

Technical knowledge as well as methodology, innovation and digital offerings are all important. However, the most critical aspect to consider is how you’re going to work with the software company. Do you feel you can trust them? How will you communicate? If you’re happy with the human aspect then everything else will follow, whether you’re working with software companies in New York or elsewhere.

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