Three ways to keep the technology working well in your office

Three ways to keep the technology working well in your office

They say a productive team relies on all the members working well together. While that is the case, in 2020, most members of that team also rely on their computers, laptops, and smartphones working well to be able to complete any task. As these pieces of equipment are becoming increasingly important, here are three things every office should be doing to keep their tech running smoothly.

Invest in high-quality equipment to begin with

One of the most common complaints that you’ll get from any office is that the equipment is running too slowly. It might be that a piece of software regularly freezes or even crashes, losing all of that member of staff’s work since the last time they remembered to click the save button. Not only can this be massively frustrating and increase stress levels, it could also be costing businesses money if people have to be employed to redo work they’ve already completed. If you want to earn cash for unused ink or toners, check Sell Toner online for that

The most common reason for freezes and crashes like this is that the software is too powerful for the laptop or PC that it’s being run on. When purchasing a device, make sure it has enough memory, a big enough hard drive, and a sophisticated enough graphic chip and processor to deal with your day to day tasks. If you’re unsure about the specifications you need, consult the user guide of your most regularly used pieces of software.

Keep an eye out for rogue software

Every office around the country probably has a worker that is overly confident when it comes to IT. They’ve probably set up a number of extra systems with different pieces of software to solve (or sometimes overcomplicate) every task in their day. They probably think they know more than the whole IT department combined and may even try and bypass any administrator restrictions on the system. The only problem is that nobody knows everything about technology. While something they have installed may have good outcomes, they could also have bad and extremely dangerous consequences. For example, installing a new piece of software on the cloud could give a new opportunity for hackers to access your network. This could lead to problems on all of the devices across your network and could even result in vital or sensitive data being stolen. It’s important to regularly check that no extra software has been installed without permission and without the risks being fully assessed. To learn more about the problem, known as Shadow IT, click here for a full explanation and steps you can take to reduce any risk.

Have your most common spare parts on hand at all times

Your colleagues can have the most complicated set up imaginable. Several monitors, the biggest hard drives and the most expensive processers on the market can all increase the speed in which someone can complete a task. It only takes something as simple as a broken mouse to dramatically reduce the productivity of the machine. Although a mouse only costs a few dollars and is available at pretty much any store that sells technology, being without one for just an hour or two could cost the business lots of money in lost revenue. Make sure you have a supply of the parts that are most likely to break so you can repair any set up quickly. Also regularly check you have enough paper and printer ink to keep your office setup running.

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