The Best Affordable Watch Brands You Can Buy In 2020

The Best Affordable Watch Brands You Can Buy In 2020

If you want a new watch these days, you must know what movement you prefer. You have mechanical (which includes automatic movements), quartz, and smartwatches. The smartphone era has paved the way for smartwatches to become more mainstream, and its rise is on the horizon.

And while automatic watches will cost you thousands of dollars, especially the Swiss ones, there are brands from the other side of the world you can check out to purchase your watch. Here are some of them:


While most Westerners have never heard of the brand Seiko before, most, if not all, watch enthusiasts know the brand for manufacturing some of the best affordable automatic watches in the world. The iconic Seiko 5 series is still the line to beat when it comes to getting the most bang out of your buck in an automatic watch. What most people don’t know about the brand is that it’s the first company to introduce the quartz movement.

The quartz movement changed the watchmaking industry forever, with a number of Swiss watchmakers going under because of bankruptcy. But mechanical and automatic watches are now becoming a novelty, and for purists, this is the best time to invest in one. The updated Seiko 5 Sports is a testament to the company’s continuing plight to give its customers the best value when it comes to automatic watches.

At no more than $500 for the most blinged-out 5 Sports, anyone can experience the automatic watch experience without sacrificing quality and/or draining their life savings. Within the collection are five separate lines: Sense, Style, Specialist, Suits, and Sports. If you’re looking at the watch that’s the most versatile, go to the Suits and Specialists styles.


Timex is a staple brand for many, and it’s quite the brand that made money from the quartz revolution, but most people don’t know about the company because they also make automatic watches. Although, fair warning, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one in a store right now. Even on the official store site, getting an automatic Timex can be complicated.

Looking for the Expedition line is automatic. There should be one or two in your local Timex store, or at least they could procure it for you when you specifically request it. You can also scour some watch repositories online that may have stocks on an automatic Timex. Expect to shell out $100-$350 for it. Either way, an automatic Timex watch will certainly be a conversation starter.


Another Japanese brand that’s beating to its own rhythm, Casio, is quite the brand for electronic devices. The G-Shock is the quintessential watch for ruggedness and unconventional style when it comes to watches. It has decent specs for a digital watch, and while some models are both analog and digital, what sets G-Shock apart from other brands is that its solar-powered, can withstand several gausses of magnetic pull, and is entirely shock-proof.

The G-Shock is the watch to wear when you’re going camping, trekking, or mountaineering. Plus, there’s a Baby G option for your significant other! The Edifice collection from the brand is another great option for a more formal setting. If you’re more into the sea life, diving, and all of that, browse your options on its WaveCeptor series.


While the watch industry is having a great time right now, what with the smartwatch revolution, the mechanical and automatic movements are, to say the least, in danger. Classic Swiss brands, as well as Japanese and German brands that have their business models centered on these movements, will soon start to lessen their manufacturing volumes.

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