Ways about how to know if someone blocked you on instagram

Ways about how to know if someone blocked you on instagram

As we know that Instagram is the trend-setting app that is mostly used by everyone who is having smart mobiles and Instagram is all about having many extraordinary features out where we can just find outstanding and interesting images and content along with stories that are circulating on the top.

So here we can also have some common things that most of us don’t look into, that was about getting information about who blocked us in Instagram as this happens similar with the Facebook and other social media platforms will share this information, as it was titled as privacy is more important for their users. If that feature allowed into Instagram and after getting up in the morning how would we feel like getting some notification like this particular person blocked out, this can happen for many of us, then how to tell if someone blocked you on Instagram

So to know about how to tell if someone blocked you on Instagram when we are not getting any story updates or posts into our feed from a particular expected person that doesn’t mean that they blocked us and do not misunderstand them, there can be like they just didn’t post anything from few weeks and might be they deactivated the account.

After getting deep into this particular issue we just can end-up with don’t misunderstand or for something like mission impossible 3rd party software to find who block you, because this will not match with the practical, so here some simple techniques about finding that did some specific person had blocked us or not, just go with the flow like

we cant see messages

When someone just blocks us we cannot find the message chats that were available, so we can just directly go to the direct messages and check out for the last conversation with that particular person is available or visible to us or not, and if it is not visible then just don’t for confirmation that they have blocked you, but take a deep breath and go with the next step of making confirmation by just going into the group where both of you had been there and then check out whether that person profile is visible there or not, so if the profile is missing they might deactivate the profile, but if the profile is there, we are clear that we got blocked by that person.

browse in incognito mode

We can confirm with the next step by browsing the profile in Instagram by just clicking the user id/user name on the browser and checking is one more way where here also we have two-step confirmation to make sure if a specific person blocked me or not.

So here we need to type the username of the specific person in the browser and go with entering, then after finding them in results just click by logging into your account then if ant message like this page isn’t available, then we can get 50% of clear about they blocked you, but we need to go with the second conformation step like as there might be chances with the deactivation of their profile can also make the same result, so now to check about the conformation about their deactivation of profile, we need to open the profile by incognito mode and if you find the profile is viable we can confirm that they blocked you.

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