Luxury Men’s Watches Which Are Often Slept On By Watch Enthusiasts

Luxury Men’s Watches Which Are Often Slept On By Watch Enthusiasts

Even in the community of watch connoisseurs, there are still models from known luxury watch brands that are usually underappreciated. These watches have all the bells and whistles to be considered classic but don’t necessarily get the marketing and promotion it deserves. So in this article, we’ve collated the best luxury watches even watch enthusiasts sleep on:

Hamilton American Classic

Hamilton may not be the most prestigious brand in the list, but its heritage is one of the most attractive. Hamilton’s superstar is undeniably the Khaki King. In fact, the King has had many iterations over the years, each one more popular than the next. But if you’re looking for a watch that’s not only for show, the Hamilton American Classic is the perfect fit.

As with Hamiton’s other collections, the American Classic is also divided by variants. Currently, there are 10 variants in the list, but the one that’s worthy of your collection is the Intramatic Auto Chrono. There are only two watches in the line, and you can get both at the price of a second-hand Rolex!

Girard-Perregaux Vintage 1945

The only watch in this list that has a rectangular dial, the Vintage 1945 is a collector’s item. The Earth To Sky Edition is a marvel of horology, featuring an open heart set-up, a moon phase complication, and an art deco design aesthetic that’s uniquely Girard-Perregaux. Under the hood, you get a self-winding, mechanical movement, with a minimum 46 hours power reserve. Whip this baby out for swanky, high-society events, and it will fit right in!

Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars Chronometer

When we talk about Audemars Piguet, we talk about Royal Oak. A favorite among celebrities, athletes, and rappers, the Royal Oak will go down as one of the most popular watches in the company’s history. But another line in the company’s mantle that’s worth the second look is the Jules Audemars.

Classic-looking, timeless, and packed full of features that even a Rolex watch will shy from, the Jules Audemars collection carries the Chronometer with AP escapement model. At 46mm, it’s not the most wrist-friendly watch, but its legacy is as rich as the company’s itself. You get an 18-carat pink gold case, glare-proof sapphire crystal, and a black enamel dial as decadent as the whole watch. To see this watch is to fall in love with it.

Rolex Yacht-Master

Of all the Rolex models, the Yacht-Master may be the most underrated. People who want a Rolex will always go for the Daytona or GMT Master. Although it’s a hit by its own merit, the Yacht-Master seems to fly under the radar for most collectors and enthusiasts. Blame it to the watch’s funky dials, or the lack of promotion from the company’s side.

As with its brothers, the Yacht-Master is not inconspicuous. In fact, it can be called “loud.”. It’s Rolex’s official watch for open seas, but it’s not the best divers watch in its whole line up. The new iteration of the Yacht-Master has an exclusive feature that’s singular to the line: it has a mechanical memory chronograph. The Oystersteel in platinum and white gold is your best bet. It’s a versatile piece of timepiece you can use on special occasions – even every day.

Blancpain Villeret Carrousel Volant Une Minute

Owning a Blancpain means you know your watches. The Swiss watchmaking giant may have had a tumultuous years after the quartz revolution, but it has since redeemed itself and proved that it still is one of the best watchmakers in the world. Especially timepieces, which can be considered as avant-garde. The Villeret collection, specifically, is a timeless representation of that edict.

Let’s set one thing straight: The Carrousel Volant Une Minute is a stunning watch. It’s also an intimidating timepiece. The dial is open-heart (if you can call it, honestly), but it’s in grey, which is in perfect unison to the platinum case. The movement you’re getting is a caliber automatic, one of the company’s best to date. It features 36 jewels, a whopping 120 hours of power reserve, and a water-resistance of 10 bars.


Owning one of these undervalued watches listed above will not only enrich your collection, but it also widens the horizons of your taste level. When it comes to collecting watches, it’s important to note that popular models may be the obvious buys but to be able to identify what you want from a brand and don’t see popularity as markers should be the goal for any collector.

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