Socializing Continues Unabated with the help of Video Chat

Socializing Continues Unabated with the help of Video Chat

At a juncture when people across the world are keeping indoors due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, socialization practically has become a thing of the past. But socializing is inherent to human nature and people cannot remain mentally happy without it.

It is here where some video chat apps have come as a great helper to the mankind world over to re-generate their spirit by chatting and exchanging thoughts through the apps. Through the video chat apps, they can go live stream as if they are sitting in front of each other.

The video chat apps have practically removed social distancing in the most effective ways turning it into distant socializing. As mankind is a social animal, these apps have enabled them to continue with their socializing but with a little difference.

This difference is live chat instead of being present face to face. But the exchange of thoughts, sharing happiness or sorrow and personalized talks are very much possible through these apps. This reduces the loneliness and removes the sense of being left alone.

Distant socializing has indeed come as a boon to mankind. In fact, it has added a new dimension to people’s socializing process as it has widened their areas of a human being to human being bonding spread all over the world.

Truly, it has made the world a global village in which people cutting across their geographical barriers can be bound by the bond of friendship with the help of video chat apps.

Best Video Chat Apps

There are over 24 video chat apps available in the world. However, some of them are extremely user friendly. One can also have a video chat with relatives and friends located distantly with their help. Such apps are very easy to handle and user friendly.

All these apps can be used in the frameworks of iOS and Android. Some are also supporting Macs and Windows machine. Let us have a look at these apps.


In use for a long time, it has the benefit of many simultaneous callers. Skype supports big groups and for a very long duration. However, emoji reactions, status update and other cruft of Skype are not ideal and best be avoided.


It has gained massive popularity over the years and now turns into one of the most popular business video conference apps. However, this should be avoided when discussing sensitive issues or highly confidential business matters.

FB Messenger 

This is easy to use and works as an effective means of digital communication with relatives, groups, office colleagues and friends. A Facebook account is required for this. FB Messenger can support up to eight persons for both way communications and has no time limit.

WhatsApp Messenger

This is a very popular and secure method of communications in which only four people per video call can participate.

Google Duo or Hangouts       

This can be availed by all having a Google account. For the exchange of short messages, this is ideal. It does not have any time limit, so to say.

Marco Polo    

This can be used for video messaging. This is like Snapchat and short videos can be sent to friends or groups.


This is a convenient way for communication. This is quite popular across the world. It is a secure way of communications and does not have any limitation on time.


It can be used for simple drop-in, drop-out group chat and built-in games. It is quite popular among the youth. This is particularly useful for close friends or close circles.


This is a very useful voice chat. Occasionally, it can also be used as a gaming or video chat. It mainly focuses on audio and video. As a gaming chat, it is gaining popularity.


It mainly focuses on group games while in video chat.


We thus see that pandemic may be keeping people indoors practically blocking their socialization but this is not the end of it as video apps have come a great way in solving this problem. Social distancing indeed can be made as distant socializing with the help of these apps.

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