The Main Features of a Good DVD Ripper

The Main Features of a Good DVD Ripper

Nothing is forever, let alone the data on your computer or DVDs. In the limelight of this statement, file backup is something you should think about.

Loss of data is definitely pain and if you want to create a backup copy of your favourite movies, the best DVD ripper is the program that you need.

It helps you rip your DVDs and keep your data safe no matter what. Quality software will mean the difference between success and failure in this case.

The Important Features of a Great DVD Ripper

Besides the software cost, the following are the five most important features that you must consider if you want to get a new dvd ripper.

  • Supported File Formats

A quality DVD ripper is a smart tool of a high quality and a wide variety of functions to utilize. It deals with all the most popular formats, including AVI, MKV, WMV, MP4, MOV, MP3, M4A, WAV, MPEG-1/2, and many others. Thus, you can be sure your files can be played on any gadget you own. In addition to that you don’t need to have a range of various similar software applications for each and every format you want to utilize.

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  • Ability to Rip Copy-protected DVDs

This feature is the most critical part that differentiates a paid vs free ripper.  Almost all the free options are unable to rip the commercial discs including those with Region Code, Sony ARccOS, CSS, UOP and more.

The reliable paid DVD ripping software from Wonderfox, Aimersoft or WinX are among the best tools that can deals with copy-protected discs.

  • Fast Ripping Speed

There is the different between the fast and slower ripper. Imaging you use 45 minutes to rip a DVD by software A while using another software B it takes 70 minutes! So, the better dvd ripper is build-in with better technology resulting in faster ripping speed.

Of course the fast speed must produce a quality output or else it’s no use if the quality drops a lot.

  • Quality of the Output File

This is very important as now people demand for better output quality. Nowadays, many videos are available in 4K or even 8K online, and people get used to watch the clearer picture movies.

So, the quality DVD rippers that can produce a lossless 1:1 video quality output is definitely a plus for many users.

  • Customer Support and Software Updates

Most people always prefer the free tools instead of free rippers. But the free ripping software always lacks some features and support. For example, you may think of Handbrake is the best free ripper, but this open-source software cannot rip the commercial DVDs with copy-protection.

Also, the paid software will give you better customer support and software updates (mostly for a lifetime). So, the program can support the latest DVDs or movies in the market.

Of course, there are some other less important factors to consider to get a great dvd software like the program price, how user-friendly is the program interface, clean and safe, etc. Anyway, following we will introduce the best dvd ripping program for Windows.

Best DVD Ripping Software Recommendations

The following are the top-rated free and paid DVD Rippers that you can use if you are looking for a new ripping software.

  • Handbrake (Free)

This is the best free, open-source application that you can find in the market. You can use it to do all the normal dvd ripping but this software is unable to rip the copy-protected DVDs.

Although this is a free dvd ripper, you still can get the support from the developer through email. Also, the ripping speed is not very slow and you can choose to rip the file to the intended formats.

Official site:

  • Wonderfox (Paid)

This is the best DVD ripper you can possibly find on the Internet. Indeed, many free programs either can’t meet high user’s requirements or turn out to be potentially dangerous for your computer.

The program interface is simple, contains only the necessary buttons and includes only the most required settings. The fast ripping speed of the program and ability to remove the region code, CSS, etc. make you can rip those copy-protected DVDs possible.

Even you can use the program for further editing, and share the output files to many mobile devices as well as video sharing sites. So, the storage of your DVDs can be easier and don’t worry about additional fees, complicated interface or poor functionality!

Official site:

In conclusion, the five factors listed in this article are some of the most important features that a good dvd ripper should have. Well, if you are thinking to get one and no idea which program to get, then we also recommend the free and shareware options for you to choose from. Hope that this post can help you can the most reliable DVD ripper.

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