Test Your Digital Marketing Skills With This Quiz

Test Your Digital Marketing Skills With This Quiz

Digital marketing is a part of marketing for utilizing online-based digital technologies and the internet. For that, you should have computers, mobile phones, and other platforms to promote your services and products. There is no second thought in the fact that the digital industry is vast, however, it can be a little difficult. 

As many people think that they are skilled but they might be ignoring many key strategies, which they must have for good marketing.

So, do you also consider yourself a Digital Marketing whiz? If the answer is yes, try solving these Digital Marketing Quiz Questions. Or if it is the other way around, then you can learn new information about the field through this quiz. So, let us get started.

The Digital Marketing Quiz Questions 

Now, in order to make you aware of how skilled you are in Digital Marketing, here are some Digital Marketing Quiz Questions for you. So, go on and take these quizzes as an example and score as much as you can.

  1. First, what is the highest number of characters per tweet? Or how many characters are allowed in one tweet?
  2. Second is, do you know which company owns LinkedIn? Is it Google or Microsoft?
  3. Which search engine has the highest volume? You can select from Youtube or Yahoo.
  4. Fourth, what do you require for setting up a Facebook campaign as an objective?
  5. Do you know what CPM is?
  6. Sixth, what do you need to calculate TCR?

Digital Marketing Questions

  1. Moreover, do you know how many google ads can be advertised above the results per page?
  2. What is the ratio of consumers who do online research before purchasing from an in-store? 
  3. Now try solving this: Can you put the right stage sequence for marketing funnel? The options are; interest, consider, aware, evaluate, purchase
  4. What is more secure- HTTP or HTTPS?
  5. For how many days can you save the list of audience visiting your website?
  6. If your site is down for maintenance, which HTTP code will you use?
  7. How many seconds does facebook qualify as a video view? 
  8. Second last, is Ad rank a component of AdWords Qs? 
  9. Last, which platform enables advertisers to buy ads across multiple ad networks and publishers?

The Answers Are Here

What is your score? Did you get them right? Or was it something new for you? If it was, I am sure that answers will add up more to your knowledge. So, here is the answer key.

  1. You can write 280 characters in one tweet
  2. It is the Microsoft that owns LinkedIn
  3. Youtube has the highest volume as search engine
  4. For setting up the Facebook campaign, you will need: reach, event response, and page likes
  5. CPM is the cost per 1000 impressions
  6. Then, for calculating TCR, the formula is clicks per impression
  7. You can advertise four google ads above the results per page
  8. The ratio of consumers who do online research before purchasing from an in-store is more than 75 percent
  9. The right sequence for marketing funnel is Aware, Interest, Evaluate, Consider, and Purchase 
  10. HTTPS is more secure than HTTP
  11. You can save the list of audience visiting your website for 180 days
  12. In case of a down website, you will use 503 code of HTTP
  13. Facebook qualifies the video view in three seconds. Thus if you are watching a video on Facebook for even three seconds, it will be a view
  14. Yes, Indeed! Ad rank is a component of AdWord Qs
  15. Last, the DSP enables advertisers to buy ads across multiple ad networks and publishers

What’s Your Score?

Digital marketing is a marketing component in which you must have mobile phones and other digital technologies. You use these types of technologies in order to promote or advertise your services and products. Thus, digital marketing and its industry are wide and broad. 

If you have gotten a good score – around 15 or more than ten, you are a pro. However, those who scored lower than ten, need to work on their background information and skills related to digital marketing. 

Nevertheless, it is not the end of the story. These Digital Marketing Quiz Questions cannot define the level of talent and passion you possess for the field. If it is something you love, you would love to know more about it.



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