5 Streaming Services to Expand Your Entertainment Library in 2022

5 Streaming Services to Expand Your Entertainment Library in 2022

Nothing is as frustrating as discovering that, despite your multiple streaming subscriptions, there is nothing available that truly catches your eye. For movie and TV lovers who crave something awesome to watch, having as large of an entertainment library as possible is a must. Investing in the right services will ensure you never have to conduct a multiple-hour browsing session to find something worth watching. For those who are ready to unlock a massive plate of entertainment, here are five streaming services to expand your entertainment library in 2022: 

1. Kodi

Kodi is a unique streaming service that provides much more than just an expansion to your entertainment library. For those that are tired of terribly designed UIs on their streaming apps, their TVs, and other viewing devices, Kodi is here to greatly upgrade your streaming experience. You can store all of the watchable content on your streaming apps, your personal digital files, your video games, and much more content in one convenient location using Kodi. There are so many amazing customization options baked into Kodi, and unlike similar apps, Kodi is an absolute breeze to use and navigate. If you want the best experience possible when you sit down to browse your catalog and pick out a hidden gem to watch, you need to download Kodi immediately

2. Shudder

Unfortunately, many of the big streaming services have pathetic choices when it comes to horror content. Even if they have a fairly large catalog, it’s typically filled with bottom-of-the-barrel horror films that were poorly made on a small budget. Shudder is here to bring you back into Mother Horror’s sweet arms, with a catalog that is packed with actualclassics, cult favorites, and even horror series! If you want to stay up-to-date with quality new horror films and series, Shudder is the place to be, as they are producing and distributing some of today’s most talked about horror films and series. If you want to experience the joy of the old drive-in culture, you can even tune in to the amazing The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs to find some new favorites every week! 

3. Hulu 

If you’re exclusively into watching series, the deluge of amazing storytelling in TV that’s happened over the last decade likely has you beyond thrilled. Hulu is the go-to app for all things TV, as they host many of the biggest network shows, and allow you to catch up on any series that you may have jumped into a bit too late. Hulu also sports some great original content and is bringing more investors into their fold to help them expand their catalog of originals even further. There are a ton of different subscription options for Hulu, so if you don’t mind the occasional ad, Hulu is an affordable option as well. You can even add on program packages using Hulu, to make your entertainment library that much more expansive. 

4. Tubi 

Speaking of affordability, Tubi is a godsend for anyone on a tight budget. For those who have no extra money to spend on a monthly streaming subscription, the completely free Tubi app is here to make your year. Tubi’s library is much larger than any other free streaming service, and sports thousands upon thousands of movies, television shows, documentaries, and more. For those who love retro content, Tubi has an especially attractive, and large stock of classic television series. While you’ll have to watch the occasional ad to use the service, the minor inconvenience is well worth the huge expansion you’ll be adding to your entertainment library. Additionally, if you fall in love with the service, you can disable ads by paying a small subscription fee! 

5. Netflix 

The original smash hit streaming app, Netflix remains a goliath within the streaming world. Despite it getting some blowback from users for limiting password sharing, the service remains highly successful. If you want a service that has some of the hottest new shows and movies and a ton of quality original content, few services will prove as useful as Netflix. Just make sure you’re prepared for potential price hikes in the future, as Netflix is going through some major changes as a company. 

Make Your Entertainment Choices Unlimited 

Entertainment is meant to keep you relaxed, intrigued, and entertained. If you want to ensure your entertainment library is massive, investing in these five services will help you reach your goals. If you never want to endlessly browse content again, it’s time to expand your entertainment library! 

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