Simple Cold Call Techniques

Simple Cold Call Techniques

Simple Cold Call Techniques That Close Sales Quickly – A Mini Guide to Cold Calling Services

Cold calls are not the tasks that sales teams prefer. However, they constitute an incredibly useful development lever when they are correctly carried out. For example, they are significantly more effective than direct mail or other forms of advertising. Why? Because they go directly to the consumer without it coming to you. They help create a solid bond with him, which will automatically reflect on your reputation.

Therefore, allocating a niche in your week to cold calling services is not a waste of time but rather a lever to strengthen and develop your business. The question then arises: how to conduct these calls well, and how to maximize their effectiveness? As we all know, cold calls can be very time consuming and energy-consuming.

This article goes over seven techniques that you can use to generate more meetings!

Learn Rather Than Sell

Too many salespeople are rushing to sell when their cold calling services experience is still slim. When you start your calls, take each interview as an experience allowing you to test different techniques, different scripts and gradually improve your approach. If you can, record the conversations and iron them after the call. Ask yourself if specific questions could have destabilized your interlocutor and if it would not be advisable to formulate them differently. You will be ready when you can run your interview script beyond half.

Target Your Prospects Well

Before even picking up your phone, preliminary targeting work is essential. Your exchange will only find a favorable outcome if your interlocutor needs you if you respond to a problem that he encounters and to which he has no response to date or inadequate response.

Before making cold calls, make sure that:

  • The target company is in the right sector;
  • The target company is the right size;
  • The target company is located in the right place;
  • Your contact is the right person to give a favorable response to your approach;
  • The problems encountered can be answered thanks to you;
  • You can provide a deposit, a legitimacy, a competitive advantage: in other words, something more.

Also, study the solution currently used to solve the problem to which you are responding to be able to counter-argue if necessary.

Avoid Rejection

Rejection is a reality in cold calling outsourcing firms, and you will not escape it. On the other hand, you can make your rejection rate as low as possible by preparing your interview as well as possible. Be ready to answer all questions, identify the most common objections, and avoid closed issues as much as possible. 

In essence, by making your interlocutor speak as much about his situation that you will have the best chance of concluding your call positively. The most common technique is to move the objection from the sales floor and ask why the solution is of no interest to the other party so that you can improve yourself later.

To conduct a good telephone interview is to be well prepared. To be well prepared is to have before you an interview script containing all the possibilities of argumentation on the part of your interlocutor. As you call, you improve your script and know exactly how to carry out your exchange. 

You can adapt your script to each interlocutor by going through his LinkedIn account: the more you touch on the personal aspects of his journey, the more he will be inclined to listen to you. Discover here a detailed script example, allowing you to go further in the formalization of yours.

Have an Interview Script

Have a Interview script

Have Right Voice Message Tactics

Your prospects are not always available live, and you will sometimes come across a voicemail. So how do you get your chance to call you back? First tip: Be brief and give your prospect the solution to call you back as soon as possible by clearly stating your name, your company, and your contact details. 

In your message, show the benefit of your solution directly and ask to talk about it “quickly” with him. Some keywords sound better than others to the prospect’s ears: make it as strategic as possible in the vocabulary used.

Accumulate Several Contact Channels

Do not hesitate to send an outstanding email to your prospect beforehand and use it as a pretext once you get him on the phone. This will allow you to bounce back by giving the reason for sending this email: you have noticed that your prospect needs you in an X or Y manner. This gives you a first excuse to trade.

Look for Companies That Recruit in Your Sector

A company looking to recruit in your industry is a company that needs to solve a problem. By accessing the job description, you will be able to target the issues encountered and adapt your speech. The activity is to outsource cold calling services, or you can arrive in support of the collaborator (s) being recruited.

To go further, find other tips on the methods of the pros for successful cold calling services companies, published on the Marketer blog here, and discover all our solutions for improving performance and business techniques from our experts!

Know How to Counter the “No”

Most of the time, your interlocutor will start by being wary and will answer “no” by pure reflex. Most of your work will, therefore, be composed of countering this “no” to continue your argument and convince you with your value proposition. There are simple ways to combat the most common adverse responses: 

“Send me an email”: going in the same direction as your interlocutor but asking him nevertheless to specify his needs to send him the most personalized email possible. Then your prospect will naturally start talking about himself.

“I don’t have time to give you now,”: asking when he will have 3 minutes to give you so you can see if your solution might work for him. Knowing that it will not take long, he should then be able to grant them to you immediately.

“I can’t make a decision now, call me back in a few months,” or “we are already working with a service provider”: your prospects will often be subject to contracts already in progress and to arbitrations that do not depend on them. Before hanging up, have a more precise understanding of the context and how you could be part of the decision-making process by asking where and when the decision-making will take place, who will be the protagonists if you have the opportunity to present your solution by phone at that time, how, etc. 

To go further, discover here the best arguments to counter the significant objections of your prospects!

Apply the “Test & Learn.”

A method can always be improved. Do not hesitate to seek external resources to know where you are, how to improve your introduction, your pitch, see if you need to call more numbers, better qualify your leads.

Also, analyze your results: nothing speaks louder than the figures, and the data that interests you most is, of course, the conversion rate. By closely monitoring your statistics, you will be better able to improve them day by day.

Chat with other salespeople in your company, whether they use the phone or not. The techniques are convergent regardless of the channels used. It is the knowledge that it is essential to share.

The above mentioned are some points to optimize your sales prospecting technique, using all the available resources within your organization.

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