How Personal Injury Law Aids Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Victims

How Personal Injury Law Aids Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Victims

The legal remedies and defenses included in civil cases filed as a result of wrongdoing are referred to as personal injury law. The word “tort” actually derives from a Latin phrase that means “to twist, to do wrong, or to damage.” A tort suit does not entail the government bringing charges against the perpetrator, unlike criminal law. In contrast to damage to property rights, personal injuries cover all types of harm to a person’s body, feelings, or reputation. 

A recent example of a mass tort case is the Camp Lejeune water contamination lawsuit. Many veterans are fighting for compensation. Many Camp Lejeune attorneys are assisting victims of water contamination in obtaining compensation for their losses through personal injury law. By following the below ways, victims can be benefited from the personal injury law. 

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit 

Personal injury claims may be made on one of three grounds. Negligence comes first. It is the most typical reason for filing a personal injury lawsuit. Liability under negligence is based on a person’s failure to act with the degree of caution that someone of ordinary prudence would have used in the same situation. Strict responsibility comes in second. It holds a defendant accountable for their actions, regardless of their motivation or state of mind at the time they were committed. The third is the defendant intentionally committed the wrongs. Personal injury lawsuits involving Camp Lejeune have been brought about by bodily harm, such as toxic torts. The victims have the right to reasonable compensation for their diseases and other financial losses under personal injury legislation.

VA Rejections

Unknowingly, those who frequently used and drank the contaminated water at Camp Lejeune increased their risk of getting sick. Leukemia and various cancers are among the many ailments caused by the use and consumption of contaminated water, and they are also among the most prevalent. You can receive compensation for your disease brought on by water contamination by filing a lawsuit. You receive compensatory damages to make up for both your material and intangible losses. The VA initially rejected such lawsuits, which made the situation even worse for the victims. However, clever attorneys used personal injury laws to their client’s benefit. Before the new act was passed, most VA rejections were appealed using personal injury law. The law protected the plaintiff and, in some cases, won them a fair settlement. Settlement amounts for the Camp Lejeune lawsuit vary depending on the specifics of each case. You can be entitled to compensation for the various monetary and non-monetary losses.

Broad Coverage

Personal injury law covers almost all aspects of a victim’s suffering. From medical expenses to emotional trauma, everything is calculated and presented in court. The type of disease and its severity, as well as your past, present, and future medical expenses, will determine the sort of damages and the worth of your case. However, the success of your case depends on the following two factors;

  • The amount of time you spent being exposed to the contaminated water. 
  • Your lost wages from being unable to work.

Compensation You Deserve

Through personal injury law, you can obtain the compensation you deserve. The losses you incur due to exposure to contaminated water in Camp Lejeune can be more than what you can get from VA benefits. In short, you will not get the compensation you deserve through VA benefits. But through personal injury law, you can get the compensation you deserve by providing solid proof of your losses. While you can get deserved compensation through personal injury law, it is not an easy task. As you are filing a lawsuit, you will be the plaintiff, meaning you will bear the burden of proof. The person who bears the burden of proof must prove your case. It can be done easily with the help of an experienced attorney. An experienced attorney will know what evidence to submit and how to prove negligence. In addition, a lawyer knows how to calculate your losses and determine what the best compensation amount you can go for is.

Your water pollution lawyer will review the specifics of your case to determine the strength of your claim. Financial compensation might lessen some of the financial pressures your illness and losses have created, but it cannot undo years of pain and trauma. After the Obama administration agreed to provide more than $2 billion in disability payments to people damaged by Camp Lejeune well water, retired veterans and those who are currently serving in the military may be qualified for disability benefits. Veterans and their families who have suffered due to water contamination at the installation will receive disability compensation totaling more than $2 billion from the VA. However, to get the most out of this dedicated compensation amount, you must hire an expert attorney. 

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