Naked Wines Scripts Success for Wine Making Startups, Others

Naked Wines Scripts Success for Wine Making Startups, Others

Making sparkling wines, a matter of ancient tradition attracts many but not very many of them can succeed in it due to financial constraints and other related issues including marketing them.

It is here where the Naked Wines of the UK, founded in 2008 by Rowan Gormley, comes in to help such companies including the wine startups. The company added a new dimension to winemaking by evolving its action plan based on crowdfunding.

What is most striking, Naked Wines really came as an angel to hundreds of wine startups who looked for newer avenues to get investment to start winemaking. Here, the most fertile piece of imagination of Rowan Gormley worked most successfully.

The wine startups bothered by a shortage of investible funds, saw the light at the tunnel, thanks to Naked Wine. The company brought about a new revolution in the area of the winemaking industry where the startups struggle for the fund.

Naked Wine, in fact, acted as a marketing strategist for such wine startups to ultimately bolster the wine industry as a whole that had been working for hundreds of years, god knows, since when. In the last about 12-years of its existence, Naked Wine helped the industry tremendously.

Realistically speaking, Naked Wine has added a new dimension to the growth of the wine industry as with its help, the wine startups can produce the ale thus adding a boost to the overall growth of the wine industry.

Talking to the media, Rowan Gormley said 12 years ago when he ventured into creating Naked Wine, he realized the fact that though wine startups have all the enthusiasm, they cannot practically translate them into the reality of becoming successful winemakers due to fund shortage.

Rowan Gormley found that a winemaker, including the startups, pitches an idea for a wine at the company which, if liked or approved by the in-house winemakers of the company, pays a stipend which can be considered as advance money to book a deal.

Naked Wines Scripts Success

Naked Wines began helping winemakers by either growing or buying grapes for them. Of course, the company made access to the winemaking and bottling process a precondition. After this, the company comes forward to market and distribute the finished products.

In other words, Naked Wines practically de-risks those winemaking companies and wine startups. This de-risking is the need of the hour as the wine takes a long time to mature in oaken caskets. Naturally, the invested funds remain locked up till the wine is bottled and finds its way to shops.

Making good wine can be a challenge for any winemaker and it would be more so for the wine startups as they lack the flow of investible funds. Here, Naked Wine comes as their angel by solving their problems.

Though the wine industry has a large number of conglomerates, they often hesitate to fund and help newcomers in winemaking like wine startups. It is not very many times that such conglomerates help new winemakers. But Naked Wines jumps in to help them.

This benevolence and pro-active stand helped Naked Wines to attract a large number of winemaking talents who could later make their mark in the industry. Since such startups produce quality wine at a far less price than conglomerates, Naked Wines is really serving the industry as a whole.

Naked Wine, over the years, has also emerged as a major crowdfunding body where both the startups and crowd funders can assemble. Naked Wines has evolved a unique new business model much to the benefit of the winemaking industry.

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