Choosing the Best Digital Marketing Solutions for Retail Brands

Choosing the Best Digital Marketing Solutions for Retail Brands

Retail marketing is critical for every brand as it enables the brand to get a high level of exposure that helps reach the target audience. Today, retail brands choose to use a wide range of digital marketing solutions to promote their business. This article discusses different digital marketing solutions that can be used to reach your target audience.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of the popular digital marketing solutions that can be used by businesses. According to a recent study, investing in SEO might get you to get good website traffic, but it does not perform well for online to offline conversions. The efficacy of SEO is limited to eCommerce.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a powerful marketing tool, but it might not effectively enhance retail brand presence in the local market. The attention span of current generations is relatively short, and your target consumers may not remember the offer they have seen when they pass across the storefront.

Retail brands need digital marketing solutions that can increase in-store conversions and enhance the overall customer experience. Check out: email tester

Here is how retail graphics can enhance the shopping experience for your customers.

Importance of Retail Graphics

Digital printing solutions can also make your storefront look attractive. They can play a crucial role in increasing footfalls in your retail outlet and affect your bottom line. Every element of the retail outlet, starting from digital graphics on the wall to your part, is an inevitable part of the overall customer experience.

Retail graphics capture the attention of customers even before they enter your store. They play a critical role in communicating the right brand message to your potential customers. It is especially true in shopping malls or high traffic retail locations. Retail graphics can attract customers’ attention, passing your storefront, and generate interest to check the product offerings.

Retail brands can use digital graphics in different ways to create retail experiences that excite and engage customers that are aligned with the brand’s values. Here are some ways in which retail brands can use digital printing solutions.

  • Custom printed wall coverings
  • Retail interior graphics
  • Storefront signage
  • Large font graphics and banners

Despite the arrival of digital marketing solutions, printing continues to hold importance in retail therapy. Traditional printing has donned a new form of digital printing allowing small businesses to create marketing material beyond digital marketing reach.

According to a marketing study, 50% of retail marketing consumables are a waste of money. Retail brands invest thousands of dollars in expensive POS displays that might not provide good ROI. On the other hand, digital printing allows retail brands to control costs by printing only what is needed and when needed.

Role of Print marketing in the Digital World

Print marketing continues to play an essential role in the digital marketing mix. Retail brands can benefit greatly by employing digital marketing solutions. Businesses can use postcards, sell sheets, flyers, brochures, and rack cards to educate and influence customers.

Though email marketing is one good digital marketing solution to reach the target audience, its effectiveness decreases due to digital noise in which marketing messages fail to engage the audience. According to a 2018 marketing report, an average user receives approximately 141 emails in a day. Most spam filters will prevent the marketing mail from reaching the inbox making the campaign ineffective.

On the other hand, research shows 79% of consumers act on direct mail. Direct mail boasts a response rate of 4.4%, while email campaigns have a response rate of 0.12%.

Combining Digital Printing and Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing is useful when it comes to reaching a local audience. The USPS offers an EDDM marketing service that allows you to send flat mailers to a selected postal route.  The program is useful for businesses with limited budgets, and the target audience comprises the local community.

Businesses can use digital printing solutions to create marketing material to inform or educate the target audience about their services. Digital printing can also be used to send discount coupons through the mail to attract them to retail stores.

To sum up, retail brands must build a dominant marketing force to cut through the competition. The short attention span draws attention towards a need for a marketing strategy with multiple customer touch-points.

Digital printing allows retail brands to engage customers outside the store, inside the store, and any geographical location. It will enable retail brands to provide a consistent and rich brand experience across all online and offline channels.

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