Is Free Fax Service Trustworthy? How to Pick?

Is Free Fax Service Trustworthy? How to Pick?

You must know the importance of fax if you deal with secret data. The fax was the only reliable source of information transfer when the modern breakthroughs were not made in the communications system. Even after years of its origin, it is still being used all over the world.

Business conversations mostly include confidential data. If data privacy is compromised, companies owe a great loss of assets. Undercover agents also demand a high level of safety for their files so that no one can breach their security limits. 

Shifting from traditional fax machines to modern communication devices is usually unwanted by most of the professional personnel. However, if the latest tools offer the same level of security as fax does then there would be no reason left to discard fax machines. Read this article till the end to know where to get trustworthy fax services.

Fax From Max with Online Fax Services

As the name suggests, online fax services are a substitute for conventional fax tools. They ease you from the hassles of managing hardware equipment for exchanging faxes. All you need is a digital communication device and an active internet connection to start faxing.

Google fax service provider would be better called a mediator. They continuously translate the digital signals into analog and signals vice versa. In this way, fax machines and smart devices exchange readable formats of files without any manual efforts. 

Are you confused to choose one from the list of online fax service providers? The next section of this article will ease your worries.

Switch to CocoFax for a Reliable Fax Transfer

CocoFax is a free fax service that assists you in the reliable transmission of your documents. Used by millions of people from 190 countries, CocoFax has been reviewed as the best fax service provider. It comes up with complex encryption algorithms that ensure data security.

Switch to CocoFax
New York Times, CNET, Toms Guide, Forbes ad Life wire are some of the multinational media forums which featured CocoFax as trustworthy fax service providers. You can send and receive faxes online without being worried about scammers or hackers.

CocoFax ensures the safe delivery of your files over the internet. Forget about bulky fax machines, interrupting telephone connections, and toner costs.  CocoFax offers you to exchange documents as a fax without setting up fax machines or other hardware tools.


CocoFax, transmit Faxes directly from Mac  

CocoFax allows sending a fax from my mac to local and international numbers. Either you are working in a corporation or just use fax for the love of old technology, CocoFax is all you need. 


CocoFax gives multiple options to Fax from Mac.

  • Web-Based Solution by CocoFax

You can use any internet-capable device without installing any application on your system. Grab any iOS device to send and receive fax using online fax services by CocoFax. Web-based faxing solution by CocoFax is accessible from all internet browsers.

Web-Based Solution by CocoFax

Navigate to the official website of CocoFax from any web browser to send and receives faxes online. All you have to do is to log in your account and CocoFax will take you to dashboard where you can create and send faxes. 

  • Email-to-Fax Solution by CocoFax

Nowadays, email is a go-to solution to share information safely to many persons concurrently. The email-to-Fax solution of CocoFax merges email services with the conventional faxing mechanism. It incorporates fax security and email convenience for building a reliable communication pathway.

Email-to-Fax Solution by CocoFax

CocoFax Email-to-Fax services work well at all iOS devices. Login to your email account and send faxes on the go rather than setting up bulky hardware apparatuses to do so. Read the next section to know how to send a fax from Mac without a modem.

Prerequisites for Using CocoFax Via Mac

CocoFax establishes a secure connection between your Mac and receiver’s fax machine. To get started with CocoFax, you need the following things to be lined up first

  • Mac with an active internet connection
  • A valid email address
  • CocoFax account
  • A fax number

CocoFax caters to the needs of many professionals to exchange confidential information. You cannot trust any off-the-shelf software as it would risk your secrecy. CocoFax is packed with fully-functional features for a smoother faxing experience. 


Stepwise Procedure for using CocoFax 

Using CocoFax for sending online faxes is simple as well as efficient. CocoFax brings revolutionary and convenient ways of faxing from Mac. Turn on your internet-capable devices and follow these steps to get started with CocoFax.

Step 1: Register for CocoFax

Create your free CocoFax account and enjoy a free trial for 30 days. You can choose a subscription plan as per your fax frequency when the trial period expires. Make sure to provide a valid email address for using an email-to-fax solution by CocoFax.


After signing up, you will be provided with a list of available fax numbers which include vanity and toll-free numbers. Pick a fax number of your choice for sending local and international faxes from Mac. 


Step 2: Compose Fax

Login to your CocoFax account and you will be taken to your CocoFax dashboard. You can create, modify, and delete faxes that are sent to your fax number from the dashboard. If you want to send one, hit the new button and start composing a fax document.


You can attach doc,xls, pdf, jpg, png files to be sent as a fax. Multiple files could be sent to multiple people concurrently thus saving your time. You can also provide a fax title and cover letter by typing in the subject and body fields of New fax wizard.

Composing faxes from an email account is just like sending an email. The difference lies in the recipient’s address. Add at the end of the receiver’s fax number. For example, if the recipient’s fax number is 12345, you will type as the receiver’s address.


Step 3: Send Fax

When you are done with composing the document, drag your cursor to the send button and click it. This will ring the receiver’s fax machine to deliver your files. CocoFax converts your digital documents into a Tiff file when they are being transmitted.

You can view the transmission history from your CocoFax dashboard. If the fax was unsent due to any errors, you will receive alerts along with potential corrections to your email inbox and the CocoFax dashboard. Make possible changes and send them again.


Receive Fax to Mac using CocoFax

Receiving Faxes to your Max is a cup often with CocoFax. Complete the registration process for your account and your faxes will be there in your email or CocoFax inbox. There is no need to be in the proximity of your fax machine not to miss any fax.


You don’t have to keep your devices turned on 24*7 as CocoFax will forward all the faxes sent to your fax number even if you don’t have an internet connection. All received faxes appear as PDF files in your email and CocoFax inbox folders to enhance the readability


CocoFax is the most trustable and secure way of sending and receiving faxes online. Reviewed by millions of users as a reliable fax service, CocoFax keeps your documents safe from online scammers when they are being transmitted. Discard your bulky fax equipment and start using CocoFax to send and receive faxes from Mac.

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