Is the iPhone 15 Pro the Best Smartphone Currently, and If Not, Why?

Is the iPhone 15 Pro the Best Smartphone Currently, and If Not, Why?

The debates about smartphones are always a hot topic, because everyone has a smartphone, and it is something that each user has at least a little idea about. Moreover, it’s never too early or too late to talk about the iPhones. In summer, the tech media actively publishes rumors and predictions about upcoming iPhone models, and after they are released, the tech world starts talking about the next generation of iPhones, bringing up new and sometimes even boring predictions.

Since the iPhone 15 lineup has just been released, we will not have to comment on vague predictions but will discuss the topic based on the facts and the smartphone we finally received, despite the ongoing shortages.

So, is the iPhone 15 pro the best smartphone now, or are we just mesmerized by the marketing campaigns and the stunning premium design implemented with super light and durable titanium? Well, it is a great phone, indeed. However, to put it in comparison, we need to first define the online activities consumers mostly have and measure the capabilities the gadget has. Let’s not forget that the most demanding users are gamers but even gamers can be interested in different games and hence have different priorities.

Casino Gamers’ Preferences May Differ from Those of Arcade Gamers

The availability of the internet, increasing numbers of smartphone users, and other technological changes positively affected the gaming industry, although dividing it into 2 big areas between gamers and gamblers. Among over 3 billion gamers, there is a large group that enjoys online casino games and chances to win money or just have fun. Online casinos are adapted for the best smartphone experiences, hence users mostly play mobile games, but they are not as picky as arcade gamers, and here is the reason: Casino games are usually simple activities with light processing requirements and not complex graphics.

On the other hand, arcade gamers prefer more functional smartphones that are capable of running smooth actions, with rich colors and audio. Despite the differences between these two groups, the good news is that Apple 15 Pro will satisfy both of them. Casino gamers, without a doubt, can even go with a cheaper version of the phone, purchasing the usual iPhone 15 or 15 Plus models. Arcade gamers will love the iPhone 15 Pro’s amazing super retina OLED HDR 120Hz display, with 2000 nits peak brightness.

There are Other Advantages Beyond the Display Brightness

It’s always enjoyable to have a phone that coils be used at night and under the sunlight without any issues and pressures on the eyes, especially if you spend a lot of time on gaming activities, but there is more, and iPhones are not the best in this regard, so if it’s the time for you to purchase your next iPhone, consider the many advantages of different screens as well.

Users, particularly gamers love big screens, but usual iPhones cannot just get bigger and bigger, so we have the technology of foldable phones with flexible screens, which Apple isn’t considering yet, despite the rumors that they are working on a prototype.

So far, we all know about Samsung foldable smartphones, but there are other options as well, and those phones are just incredible, given the fact that with the action of unfolding, you are opening up a big display and enjoy gaming, working, or just entertainment media materials. If the screen size really matters, look beyond the iPhones, which are not the best in this regard.

Definitely the Best Among Older Phones

There is a tricky part when we compare the latest iPhones with older phones, for example with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra which was released almost (almost) a year ago. Similarly, many other powerful phones seem too weak next to the stunning titanium iPhones, which are powerful, yet sometimes considered boring. As an example, the aforementioned Samsung models are not the competitors of the newest iPhone 15 Pro models, but the iPhone 14 Pro lineup.

In fact, if we compare the iPhone 15 Pro with the older productions, it’s the best, and in case you need an update, go for it without hesitation. On the other hand, if you want to find the strongest and the most powerful phone compared to the newest lineup, you have to wait a few more months to see the new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra smartphones, which can be a real powerhouse regarding the display, audio, processing power, and so on. Do you need to wait? Probably not, because by the time Samsung will organize its 2024 event, Apple fans will be waiting for the next generation of iPhones.

In any case, the iPhone 15 Pro is the best for now, but not alone in the market, where the list of its best alternatives is led by not one but 3 different Samsung models, including foldable ones.


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