How to Turn Off iPhone 13, 12 | iPhone Latest Models

How to Turn Off iPhone 13, 12 | iPhone Latest Models

If it’s your first-ever iPhone, you have to consider some crucial factors. Most newbie iPhone users find it hard when they have to turn off the phone. It happens with some of the latest models. If you are having the same issue, you have to read our article.

As we mentioned, it’s common to have issues when you are buying a new smartphone. Besides turning it off, some people are also facing restart problems. The good thing is, you can resolve it quickly. There are some simple methods that can help you to fix this problem. It is worth mentioning that another common issue regarding iPhone 12 is how to turn it on. You can find some articles/DIY guides on this topic, learn exact steps, follow them and finally, fix your “iPhone 12 not turning on” issue.

In this article, we are sharing the top methods to turn off and restart the latest iPhone models. All of these methods are tried and tested out. So, make sure you are studying carefully before implementing them. Let’s find out.

How to Turn Off the iPhone’s Latest Models (iPhone 12, 13, SE)

You see, most people face issues with the latest iPhone models such as iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone SE, and iPhone X. However, the fixing methods are not the same as old iPhone models. In this case, you have to press and hold the screen for those old models. Then, you can turn off the switch by using the slider.

To turn off the latest model of the iPhone, you can follow three methods. You can apply for one of them as per requirement.

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Method 1: Using Power off Slider

Just like old models, you can turn off your smartphone by using the power off slider. Hence, this method is one of the easiest ones. To implement this method, you have to apply these steps:

  • First long-press the volume button alongside the sleep button
  • Your phone screen will show you power off slider
  • Next, you have to drag the slider to turn off your phone
  • If you want to turn on the device, long-press the sleep button

Method 2: Through iPhone Settings

If you can’t turn off your iPhone by using the power off slider, doing it through the settings can be the ideal one. Most people apply this method when they have a new iPhone model. To apply this process, you have to follow these steps:

  • You can find the ‘Settings’ option on the home screen of your iPhone
  • After selecting the ‘Settings’ option, locate the General option
  • Press that option and click on the ‘Shut Down’ option
  • Next, you have to drag the ‘Slide to Power Off’ slider to the right. It will turn off your iPhone
  • Just like other models, you can turn on the phone by long pressing the sleep icon.

Method 3: Using the Sleep Button

If these two methods are not working, you can use the sleep button to turn off your phone. Although this one is a less known process. But it can be very good. Plus, using the sleep button is also quick and easy. Let’s find out how to implement these steps:

  • First, press both of the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons
  • Then, a slider will appear on your screen. When you are using these buttons, your screen won’t display the SOS slider
  • Next, you have to drag the ‘Slide to Power Off’ option to the right, you can also cancel this method
  • Turn on the phone by using your sleep button

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How to Restart iPhone’s Latest Models

How to Restart iPhone?

Besides learning about iPhone turn-off methods, you have to know about the restart methods as well. It’s more important when you are a newbie iPhone user. You see, the iPhone settings are different from other phones.

So, we are sharing the best three methods to restart your iPhone. Well, these methods apply to the latest models. If you are an old one, you can implement traditional methods. Here’s the list of three processes to restart your iPhone:

Method 1: Using the Buttons

Some people need to restart their phones often. Using the buttons is the easiest way to restart your latest iPhone model. Plus, you can do it in a few seconds. For this, you need to implement the following methods stepwise:

  • First, you have to press the volume button
  • Next, press the volume down button on your iPhone
  • Then, you have to press the side button. You will see a slider named ‘Slide to Power Off’ on your screen. Keep pressing the side button even after seeing the slider.
  • After pressing the side button for long, you will see the logo of Apple
  • Your phone will restart

Method 2: Using AssistiveTouch

If you can’t restart your phone by using buttons, there’s another simple method. Well, in this case, many people get nervous using buttons. So, using AssistiveTouch can resolve your restart of iPhone’s latest model. Let’s find out:

  • First, go to the ‘Settings’ app and locate the ‘Accessibility’ option
  • Tap on it and then click on Touch
  • You can find the ‘AssistiveTouch’ option on the ‘Touch’ screen
  • Next, slide the AssistiveTouch button green
  • Then, you have to add the Restart option on that menu
  • Tap on the ‘Customize Top Level Menu’ option and restart your phone by selecting Done

Method 3: Using Voice Control

One of the best ways to restart the iPhone is using voice control. Well, it’s another accessibility feature. If you haven’t used Voice Control before, you have to enable it first. To start this method, make sure you are following these steps:

  • One the ‘Settings’ option and press on Accessibility
  • You will find the Voice Control option there
  • Open it, and you can find Set up Voice Control. Tap on that option
  • There, a screen will appear that will tell you what to do
  • Select ‘Continue’
  • Scroll through the options and select Done
  • When you are done with setting up, you can enable Siri and ask for restart of your phone


Finally, you know how to turn off your iPhone. We have also shared how to restart iPhone’s latest models. These methods are very easy and can be done within seconds. Make sure you are reading them carefully. If you want to know more, you can watch some tutorial videos as well.


How can I shut off my 12 or 13 iPhone?

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Restarting an iPhone X, 11, 12, or 13 is simple. When the power-off slider appears, press and hold the side button and one of the volume buttons. Wait 30 seconds after dragging the slider for your smartphone to switch off. Force restarting will fix a frozen or unresponsive gadget.

Why am I unable to turn my new iPhone 13 off?

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Any iPhone 11, iPhone 12, or iPhone 13 device can be restarted forcibly using the steps below: Press the volume up button, immediately release it, and then press the volume down button. Finally, press and hold the side button. Allow the button to release once the Apple logo appears.

If the power button on my iPhone is broken, how can I turn it off?

  • Go to Settings and then General.
  • Tap Shut Down after swiping down.
  • The power-off slider should be moved from left to right.

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