How To Start A Career in Blockchain Technology: A Complete Guide

How To Start A Career in Blockchain Technology: A Complete Guide

In today’s world of technology, the popularity of cryptocurrency has been on a high note since its origin. This is considered one of the revolutionary changes in the history of digital technology. Cryptocurrency has achieved considerable publicity throughout the world for all the right reasons, and it is the best example of Blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology is booming worldwide nowadays, and there are a lot of job opportunities for expert developers or software programmers to make their careers in this sector. Even a beginner can also think of starting their career in this field. 

Blockchain technology developed the financial applications for the successful operation of cryptocurrencies and encrypted digital wallets. This is just a small example of the big things that Blockchain technology can do.

Blockchain technology is suitable for various practical uses, and so its popularity is continuously rising, and that’s why there is a flood of Blockchain jobs. Therefore, many job searchers, especially from the software field, are rushing to make a career in this field, and thus a tough competition can be seen here amongst the job applicants.

This activity creates a problematic situation for the beginners as they doubt what the best preparation can be done from their side to ensure a career in the Blockchain field. Of course, the easy and most efficient step to kickstart a career in Blockchain is to enroll in a free online Blockhain Basics course. This is how you can claim a free shareable certificate and highlight that in your Resume and social platforms to get more and better job prospects.

Apart from the online courses, we have compiled the following top tips to support beginners to make their career in Blockchain smoothly.

What is Blockchain Technology? 

A Blockchain can be referred to as a database that contains a group of blocks in which collected groups of information like money, property, contracts, etc., are stored and encrypted for some purpose. Then these blocks are linked together as chains to form a chronological single-source-of-truth for the data. 

These records are called digital assets. The original copy of digital assets is distributed to the nodes, any electronic device connected to the chain to create an unchangeable record of an asset. The decentralized asset means no single person or group has control over it. Rather all users collectively retain control to provide complete real-time access and transparency to the public.

The changes in the ledger are transparent to maintain the integrity of the document; with this, trust in the asset is created.

Blockchain has the inherent property of security measures, and the public ledger makes it a prime technology for all sectors.

So, it can be said that Blockchain is a way to save data and make it immutable.

How Does Blockchain Technology Work?

The primary purpose of Blockchain is to enable people, especially those who don’t trust one another, to share vital and valuable data in a well secure and immutable way. 

The following points can help you in understanding the working of Blockchain:

1. A request for a transaction is forwarded by some person. The transaction may be of any type like contracts, records, cryptocurrency, or any other information.

2. Then, with the help of nodes (usually computers, servers, laptops, etc.), the transaction request is broadcasted to a P2P network. P2P network means a network where assets like digital currency can be exchanged directly between individuals without interference from a central authority.

3. The network of nodes validates the requested transaction and the user’s status with the help of known algorithms.

4. After completing a transaction, the new block is added to the existing Blockchain so that it is permanent and can not be altered by any unauthorized person.

Is Blockchain A Good Career Option?

Since Blockchain technology is not so old and has started establishing its feet in the industry sectors only a few years back, it is evident that this question may arise in many job applicants. Is Blockchain a good career option?

So, before moving on to the essential top points mentioned below, it is better to get all doubts cleared in advance, such as – is Blockchain a better career option for me?

Significant growth is seen in 2017 in the adoption of Blockchain technology. As per the report of one of the top job portals of the world, job opportunities in Blockchain technology have increased substantially in a gap of one year.

One important thing is that nowadays, Blockchain is one of the topmost demanded skills in the IT sector. Moreover, the annual skills survey report of LinkedIn also confirms the highly demanded position of Blockchain skills and recommends starting a career in Blockchain.

This is for your awareness that since Blockchain technology is new in the IT market and regular improvements are being made on Blockchain platforms, you may have to deal with many challenges. So, to make a career in Blockchain, beginners are advised to follow best practices to answer your question ‘how do I pursue a career in Blockchain’? 

The below-mentioned top tips are going to help you out to make a career in Blockchain successfully.

1. Learn All Basic Terms in Blockchain

All beginners should have a good command of the basic terminology of Blockchain technology to start a career in Blockchain. The structure and functionalities of Blockchain make it unique. 

Bitcoin, block, mining, double spending, proof of work (POW), hashcash, nodes, etc., are examples of such terms usually used in Blockchain. These terminologies are considered very crucial elements in the Blockchain. 

While working in Blockchain, professionals have to use these terminologies repeatedly, no matter what roles they are playing.

To improve the basic knowledge of Blockchain, Blockchain professionals should know its fundamental terms, and this also helps in understanding the practical uses of Blockchain.

2. Take Advantage Of YouTube Videos For Learning

Beginners interested in starting their career in Blockchain can use YouTube videos for learning purposes. Apart from being a good entertainment source, YouTube is also a qualitative and effective learning platform. There are many high-quality Blockchain training-related videos and recommended webinars available on it. Many videos of practical demonstrations of using Blockchain are available on YouTube. 

So, immediately without wasting time, choose top-rated YouTube educational channels like Great Learning and start your training.

The contents of Blockchain-related videos available on YouTube are very interactive, and beginners will find it more enjoyable while learning. The best thing about these videos is that you are continually updated with the new technological changes of Blockchain.

3. Take Participation In Blockchain Events And Conferences

Blockchain technology is emerging at a fast pace, and many IT professionals are contributing their efforts and experiences to provide it with more strength all over the world. To make your career in the Blockchain, you need to understand the industry dynamics in depth. In Blockchain technology, your industry experts will decide your career development prospects.

Blockchain events and conferences are organized from time to time. Shortly, the World Blockchain Summit is scheduled for 23-24 Mar 2022 in Dubai. Previously, IEEE International Blockchain Conference-2021 was held in December 2021, Melbourne, Australia. These events and conferences feature some of the top crypto and Blockchain influencers, policymakers, government delegates, and crypto enthusiasts.

These are very practical and useful platforms where beginners can develop their industry knowledge of Blockchain. 

Apart from books and tutorials, these platforms provide great exposure to the world of Blockchain. Handy professional contacts can be developed from these events and conferences. How can Blockchain technology’s real potential be understood by attending these platforms?

4. Enhance Cryptography Skills

Keep improving your technical skills to start a career in Blockchain. Cryptography is considered an essential skill in the Blockchain profession.

The credibility of Blockchain depends upon its assurance of the security of data. So, the functional ability of cryptography plays a vital role in ensuring this assurance. That’s why Blockchain professionals are expected to have excellent expertise in cryptography, as it works as a catalyst in career-boosting.

Enterprises will never want their day-to-day financial transactions and vast amounts of sensitive information to be put at risk in any way. That’s why the hiring managers always consider cryptography an essential skill when hiring Blockchain professionals for different Blockchain-based roles in their organization.

5. Develop Programming Skills and Expertise

Programming is one of the topmost demanded skills to begin a career in Blockchain, and Blockchain professionals are expected to have good expertise in their programming skills. Being a Blockchain professional, you should have a good command of at least one of the high-programming languages. Many free online training courses are available for beginners, and they should take advantage of these facilities immediately.

Candidates having a degree in computer science or information technology generally have a better chance of making a career in Blockchain technology than others who don’t have.

Therefore, to give a concrete foundation to your Blockchain career, you need to pay extra attention to your programming skills and always be keen to develop your programming skills continuously as and when you get an opportunity.

6. Develop Expertise In Distributed Computing

Resources are shared in a distributed computing system, including software by computer systems connected to the network. Internet, intranet, WWW, email, telephone, and cellular networks are examples of distributed computing.

Expertise in distributed computing is essential in the area of Blockchain for beginners. Blockchain technology works on distributed systems, and aspiring professionals must be aware of these systems and take advantage of their functional efficiency.

Cryptocurrencies introduced the concept of a distributed network with a trust factor, and with Blockchain as the underlying technology, they ushered in new Blockchain applications.

To build confidence in using Blockchain on any platform in any condition, a broad knowledge of distributed computing always plays an important role.

In addition, expertise in distributed computing always plays an essential role in strengthening the basics of the working of Blockchain.

7. Involvement Of Community

As an active member of the Blockchain world, you can take advantage of many promising results that will help them make a strong foundation in the Blockchain.

The events and conferences organized on the platforms of Blockchain societies are fruitful sources to sharpen your Blockchain knowledge and enhance expertise. You can get new insights and advice from the discussions usually held on the Blockchain platforms to make a successful path in Blockchain. 

Moreover, Blockchain societies are ideal platforms where you can build your professional contacts and find career opportunities available on them.

8. Take Initiative For Your Career

To make a career in Blockchain, aspiring candidates need to be proactive. You are required to do an extensive search for jobs in the field of Blockchain and also be according to your skills.

Always remember that there is very tough competition in the job markets, and nobody from the Blockchain community will come to you with the invitation of joining jobs, despite having the required skills too.

Building an impressive and robust professional portfolio with highlights of your qualifications is one of the effective ways to make an entry into the world of Blockchain. You can take advantage of some renowned and trustworthy professional platforms to search for job opportunities available in the industry sectors.

9. Earn Blockchain Certificate

Achieving a certificate in Blockchain shows your willingness, dedication, hard preparation, and determination to get a job in the Blockchain industry. 

A Blockchain certificate is the key to success in getting a job. With this certificate, you can project yourself as a Blockchain expert who can carry out any responsibilities in specific roles.

The complete process of a Blockchain certificate includes practical training and education on the related subjects and has credibility in industry sectors. In addition, an assessment exam validates the skills of qualified candidates.

With the help of the professional Blockchain Basics Certificate, the candidates are prepared to develop the ability to solve actual use case scenarios in Blockchain applications.

Career Prospects in Blockchain Technology

Nowadays, the demands for Blockchain expert professionals are on a larger scale, and Blockchain skill is gaining popularity continuously. Therefore, as a result, many Blockchain-related jobs are available in the industry sector, and Blockchain professionals are highly paid compared to other IT professionals.

Still, there is limited strength of Blockchain-skilled professionals. Knowing that there is a lot of money to be made in the Blockchain profession, it is pretty challenging to find Blockchain experts.

That’s why big IT industries such as Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook have formed their team to search for new Blockchain experts for their organization.

Blockchain professionals are in high demand in almost every sector like banking, financial, insurance, healthcare, real estate, supply chain, gaming, etc. Even some government organizations are also using this technology in their operations.

Your yearly compensation depends upon your years of experience and the quality of your skillset. Also, what degree do you have? And at what position are you working? All of this will decide your salary range.

Here is a list of jobs you can start with to make your career in Blockchain.

  • Blockchain Developer
  • Blockchain Solution Architect
  • Blockchain Project Manager
  • Blockchain UX Designer
  • Blockchain Quality Engineer
  • Blockchain Legal Consultant

How To Learn Blockchain?

It is required in the Blockchain field that a beginner have excellent access to many learning resources. 

Nowadays, many digital platforms offer quality free online courses in Blockchain technology. 

While exploring your career prospect in Blockchain, you must have questioned whether it is a difficult task. Remember that nothing is impossible and difficult in this world if your preparation is of a high standard. 

Have faith in yourself, and without overthinking, with a calm mind, start preparing yourself diligently to do Blockchain-related training and courses.

Beginners are advised to find free online courses to have a basic understanding of the world of Blockchain. To make a successful career in the Blockchain industry, you should have a fundamental knowledge of it. To clear the basic concepts such as ‘what is Blockchain industry’? There are many renowned training platforms available to pursue comprehensive and highly effective Blockchain courses. These free online courses let you free from the financial burden and help you learn much about Blockchain technology.

Beginners can take advantage of YouTube Blockchain videos for their learning purpose. YouTube is a good platform that contains many qualitative and effective videos from where you can have a good insight into Blockchain technology.

You can also watch many recorded Blockchain events and conferences and enhance your Blockchain knowledge quite a bit.

With the help of practical demonstration-oriented videos, you can achieve a lot of helpful information about Blockchain technology.

In A Nutshell

Now, you can understand how simple steps can let you start a career in Blockchain with less effort. However, candidates should have a specific preparation plan to follow to develop their career in Blockchain technology.

Experienced professionals can exercise the tips provided here to advance their careers in Blockchain.  

Accountability and direction are the essential requirements for all candidates to make a career in Blockchain.

It would help if you concentrated on a specific career path and put your strenuous efforts into developing the skills and knowledge required for it. 

In addition, a certificate in Blockchain from reliable and trustworthy professional training platforms can give you a perfect start to make your career in Blockchain.

So, choose your perfect career path and put your hard effort into learning the Blockchain basics with the help of free online Blockchain-related courses.

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