How to know the speed of internet

How to know the speed of internet

When we are working on the internet and we just thought to know the internet speed meter for pc, then we just go with the speed test website there it will be testing that particular time speed of internet and they don’t know how much data is being used and all other parameters, so for making an accurate monitoring internet speed meter for pc in windows 10, net speed monitor for windows 10 64 bit can be found with different interesting tools available on the internet to not only check net speed monitor for windows 10 64 bit but also that can give a clear analysis report for every time gap, by just finding it in the below menu, this can make out the best result of how much of data we are using and net speed monitor for windows 10 64 bit can be completely monitored by them.

Know we are providing you the best tool that can easily know the net speed monitor for windows 10 64 bit by just getting all the analysis. These tools are not for instance, but can track all the way long and will give a clear analysis of net speed monitor for windows 10 64 bit clearly.

  1. Network Speed Test tool:

This can an amazing tool to net speed monitor for windows 10 64 bit with ease and here in this simple speed test application we can easily find the speed of uploads and downloads clearly. The process of getting this app on to pc is so simple and easy, initially, we just need to install the application and then go with clicking on the start button to start the process of testing the internet speed, here we got another interesting thing is that we can even find the speed of the network that is maintained by the application.

Monitoring pattern:

Here Network Speed Test tool is having its own interesting presentation on with a graphical representation and also suggests to us the possibilities about what we can do with that internet speed.

Advantages and disadvantages:

  1. There were some good features available here in the Network Speed Test tool, they were to use this application the user can be more comfortable and feels easy to use it. Also using this app we can simply go with additional features like speed test history.
  2. These few disadvantages like this are having nothing like a data usage monitor where we can get the data that is being used by us. And also we can find the taskbar.

OOKLA speed test :

This for the testing for internet speed not only to just test the speed of upload and download but also we can change the server and it stores the result history also, so this can also be one of the best tools for internet speed meter for pc with windows 10. And this tool is one of the best for windows 10 operating system and it also shows history. The disadvantages can be like it is simpler about not showing the list of apps that are using the data, along with this do not find the taskbar icon.

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