More About How to Donate on Twitch in Detail

More About How to Donate on Twitch in Detail

Initially, we need to know first about what is twitch about and why is it so popular, we got to go into deep analysis about twitch, twitch is making its amazing features that are available with its latest updates, here can go for watching the gamers streaming videos, and also we can donate to them to make it for a full-time run, so we got many doubts about twitch on aspects like how to make a donation in twitch and other interesting details to come up.

Most of the users tell that this was similar when compared with the other social media sites like Facebook etc.  the users of the twitch can make their activities like following each other and messaging with others like direct messages, and here in twitch each stream is allocated with a unique chatroom so that we can utilize with ease, so here by suing these chartrooms we can connect with many new people to share the ideas, here in twitch we can also make many interesting things that we are making in the other social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, like updating the status on our timeline in twitch, also many features that are similar to like share and comment are also available here in twitch.

How to set up donations on twitch

We got a lot of doubts asking about how to set up donations on twitch, so coming to this, we thought of giving the clear way about how to set up donations on twitch in simple steps below with ease.

As most of the payments are made here on streamlabs which can find to make use of PayPal as well as credit cards, we got some streamers who are making their payments only by using PayPal, so while making them happen we got the clear procedure to make donations.

Step 1: Directly navigate to the website of the Twitch

Step 2:  Make sure to login with your credentials just on the main page available there on the official website of Twitch.

Step 3: After undergoing all the steps above by login into the Twitch website, straightly go towards the streamer channel that you got to offer the support, and here just make sure to look at bottom of that channel page and hit on the donation link available there.

Step 4: Now we need to fill all the fields of them and hit on the donate button available there at the end after filling all the fields. So after making this it will direct you to make the payment. This is all about how to donate on twitch in simple steps.

Twitch support

Most of them were also asking about how to offer twitch support, so we got again with detailed steps to make sure you offer to twitch support with our given steps below.

Step 1: The same as with the donation we initially get to the twitch official website and make sure to give the correct credentials on the login at the top of the page.

Step 2: After making sure about all these locating to website and login to it, just find the channel of the streamer you want to support, so by making sure of the specific channel in the twitch

Step 3: Then find the upper part at the right edge of that streamer channel, a window is present and by hitting on the down arrow, next to the Get Bits button we will see an icon with diamond shape available in the chatbox, so by making sure about the number of bits we like to purchase, we need to sign in to the Amazon account.

Step 4: So hereafter making all the finalizing of the amount to purchase, we can go by clicking the pay now button.  After completion of the payment, we can go back to the streamer’s channel page and can text as ‘cheer’ with the details of the number of bits we are donating like ‘cheer 500’ is like donating 500 Bits. That’s it all about how to set up donations on twitch by making our donation twitch support to the interested streamers channel.

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