Here’s why you need Octal to Binary Converter

In today’s fast-paced world, the requirement for tools has increased exponentially due to the rapid growth of different industries. Octal to Binary Converter Like the physical tools for physical work, digital tools are utilized in a digital industry dominated by the web.

This article would be discussing such a digital web tool called the Octal to Binary Converter. As the name suggests, the Octal to Binary Converter converts code from the Octal to Binary format.

It has various applications in computer science, computer engineering and academia related to computing and other similar fields. While the converter transforms code in octal format to Binary format, it is also important to know what exactly binary and octal formats are.

While Binary language is a non-text language that encodes information in sequences of 1s and 0s, while the octal format is a base 8 number system as its name suggests.

Octal to Binary Converter

As the name suggests, Octal to Binary converter converts code from octal format to binary format. It is tremendously difficult for the human mind to make sense of code written in binary language.

However, it is the default language in which computers process information. Although, it is not entirely impossible for the human mind to make sense of binary language.

It’s just that the code in binary is too difficult to understand in terms of readability, not to mention the even a small code is quite lengthy in binary language.

Code in octal, on the other hand, is easy to comprehend, easy to read and write and unlike the code in binary, it has a shorter length. To facilitate users in fields of computing in this regard, Prepostseo octal to binary converter can be used to convert code from octal to Binary language.

As it stands, if you’re in a field that is related to computers or software, octal to binary converter is a tool you would need frequently for various reasons. As octal is a base 8 digit system, which can represent 1 byte with only three digits, it reduces the length of code you would have to write by a factor of 5. As 1 byte of code in binary language comprises of 8 binary digits, the same would comprise of only 3 digits in octal.

Thus, it would be less time consuming to write code in octal format and it would also be readable with a less margin for human error.

Writing code directly in binary, on the other hand, is quite a time-consuming process as the length of code would be longer. It would be difficult as well to write code in binary as the potential for human error would rise dramatically.

It happens because writing a long code with repetitive sequences of 0s and 1s in different orders and unintentionally misplacing even a single binary digit can end up changing the entire meaning of the code. So, it’s better to prefer to first write the code in octal format and then converting it into binary for whatever purpose.


This tool has various applications in the IT industry and Academia. Computer science students can use this tool for programming assignments.

This tool especially finds intensive application in different methods of information encoding like character strings into bit strings.

On the other hand, computer engineers can use this tool to test the functioning of computer hardware systems by first writing specific instructions in octal format, converting them into binary format and analyzing the code in binary before executing it in the computer systems.

Then, they can test whether the code has been executed perfectly or not. If not, then there is usually a problem with the transistors’ logic gates.  Other than this, this tool finds extensive applications in research related to information technology and computing.

What is Octal

The octal Number system is similar in nature to the Hex format except there are few differences. Binary code comprising of one byte can be converted in only two Hex digits whereas in octal format, a byte of binary code comprising of 8 binary digits, can be converted in three octal digits instead of two.

There are only 8 number values in the octal format as the name also suggests and it needs just 3 bits to represent the value of any digit.

Every digit has a magnitude with a power of 8 in each position in the octal system with every next position being 8 times more significant than the previous one.

Essentially, it means that the value of an octal number is given by multiplying each digit of the number with the value of position where the digit appears and then adding the products. Therefore resultantly, it is also called a positional number system.

What is Binary

As has been stated above, the binary language is the default language in which computers process information. It does not include text format. Rather, it encodes information in two states systems most primarily 0s and 1s.

One binary digit comprises 1 bit of information and a total of 8 binary digits collectively hold 1 byte of information since 1 byte is equal to 8 bits. Coding in Binary is a task far too difficult for a human mind due to issues like readability and huge potential for human error which could change the overall code in its entirety.

Coding in Binary is also lengthy. A tiny string of decimal bases of 10 has a large coding size in binary format.

Concluding remarks

Octal to Binary converter is an extremely useful web tool due to the readability and compactness that the octal format has to offer for a programmer or an IT expert.

Binary is an extremely unreadable format for the human mind due to its sheer complexity and the sheer length of even a small code written in binary.

But computer systems process information only in binary language. So in particular scenarios where a programmer or an IT expert directly want strings of code in binary for whatever reasons, Octal to Binary converter is the only answer if you do not want to directly write in binary due to the dramatic potential for human error and immensely difficult readability.

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